QCR H3 Aluminium Can Baler
QCR H3 Aluminium Can Baler

QCR H3 Aluminium Can Baler

The QCR H3 Aluminium Can Baler is a high performance medium baler suitable for crushing aluminium cans in bulk to reduce their volume. This commercial can crusher also be used to bale PET Plastic Bottles into neat bales making it a great solution to improve workplace recycling. This equipment produces dense bales of aluminium cans or plastic bottles.

Commercial Aluminium Can Recycling Machines like this can help organisations handle their waste more sustainably and reduce the number of recycling bins needed in your bin store.

Key Features

  • Drop down front door ensures easy loading of recyclable materials in bulk
  • Compact size with small footprint enabling it to be installed in a variety of hospitality or manufacturing settings
  • Up to 90% compaction of used cans and used plastic bottles
  • Reduces the volume of PET drinks bottles and aluminium cans to reduce the number of bins required at your premises
  • Increases staff productivity as it reduces effort associated with moving bulky bins of empty cans and plastic bottles around your premises giving your team more time to complete other tasks.

What types of business are using this Heavy-Duty Baler?

This hydraulic Aluminium Can Baler has been installed by QCR into restaurants, pubs, bars, and drinks manufacturing businesses crush 568ml cans & crush 330ml cans in bulk. If you are unsure whether this machine is suitable for your organisation, why not contact us to arrange a free site survey? At this survey, we can provide you with testimonials written by our commercial can baler customers and discuss the possibility of a free machine trial at your place of work.

Can Compactor Hire:

This commercial aluminium can compaction equipment is available for businesses in mainland UK for short term hire or longer term hire. QCR are a leading supplier of Recycling Equipment for hire in the UK due to our contracts including:

  • Free Delivery & Installation
  • Free Maintenance & Servicing
  • Free Breakdown Cover

You can read a detailed breakdown of the benefits of hiring recycling equipment from QCR, who are a leading UK supplier. With QCR's fixed cost can compactor rental, you are guaranteed that the cost of hiring this machine will never increase during the term.

Commercial Alumiunium Baler Purchase Options

If you prefer to purchase a baling machine for your cans or plastic bottles, all QCR equipment if installed in the UK is supplied with a free 12 month warranty. This warranty covers the unlikley event of a machine breakdown (excluding issues caused by mis-use). Used baling equipment is available but is subject to availability. Call us for current stock information.

Try Commercial Can Baling Equipment for Free

We can offer free industrial can compacting equipment trials to the majority of businesses in the UK. If you'd like to arrange a free trial of this hydraulic can baler at your site, please get in touch and book a free no-obligation site survey with one of our friendly team (some geographical restrictions apply to trials). 

What are the advantages of compacting aluminium cans?

This Commercial 568ml Can Compactor can help your business reduce it's carbon footprint, reduce the space required to store empty cans and save you money on waste collection fees. This aluminium can recycling machine can also help UK businesses to comply with the UK's Packaging Waste Regulations. We have a detailed article about these regulations that apply to many UK businesses who sell, import or handle packaged goods here.

This is our most popular free standing can baler for crushing 568ml cans as they can be easily loaded into the machine in bulk.

Can Compactor Aftersales Support

Our can baler rental contracts offer the highest level of aftersales support as it includes annual servicing, parts and labour, ongoing operator training and support. For those businesses who prefer to purchase, we'll support you with:

  • Free operator training on the day of installation with the option to book additional sessions for a low cost
  • Free Training Certificates, Method Statements and Risk Assessments
  • Free introduction to our trusted network of reputable recyclers
  • Option to purchase a Service Plan from our Safe Contractor accredited team of Baler Engineers
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Technical Details

Bale Weight 10-30kg (varies by material)
Bale Size H 700mm x W 745mm x D 500mm
Compression Ratio up to 90% Compaction
Compaction Up to 5 tonnes
Cycle Time 43 seconds
Operation Vertical hydraulic can baler
Use on Compacting Can Waste Into Bales
Power 230v Single phase
Dimensions H 2188mm x Width 1065mm x Depth 1077mm
Weight 370kg
Product Code QCR H3 Hydraulic Can Baler
Drop down front door Drop down front door
Easy to manage bales Easy to manage bales
Easy to use Easy to use
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