Commercial waste compactors – what can they do for your business?

30th Apr 2019

Commercial waste compactors come under various types depending on what waste type you wish to compact and the volume levels produced. Businesses that produce mostly cardboard and/or plastic will ideally use a cardboard waste baler to compact and bale these materials. Plenty of businesses produce high volumes of general waste. In this instance an 1100 bin press or bag compactor will be a big help. Other waste types which can be compacted with equipment are cans, tins, drums and EPS waste.

Which businesses can use commercial waste compactors?
The great thing about waste compactors is they are suited to any business producing enough waste and spending money on collections. Business sector does not matter however there are many where waste compactors work well on a regular basis, these include…
•    Manufacturers
•    Suppliers
•    Retailers
•    Pubs
•    Hotels
•    Restaurants
•    Garden centres
•    Hospitals
•    Food producers
•    Horse racing yards

Compactors (balers in particular) are manufactured in different shapes and sizes to suit all business types. You can view our whole range here.

Potential cost savings
We say that any business spending over £12 per week on recycling bins or over £20 per week on general waste bins can save money by compacting waste. We have worked out that on average QCR customers save on average £1,248 per year when they add commercial waste compactors to their waste management system. When these machines are added they usually replace more than one bin, a skip or cages, which lowers collection costs. By renting a compactor, the price will always remain fixed throughout the contract and by purchasing it’s yours to keep with a one off payment. Waste management companies are always likely to increase the prices of bin and skip collections due to the now yearly rise in landfill tax charges.

From a crowded mess to clean and roomy
By reducing voluminous bins quantities, waste areas can be transformed from an overflowing and crowded space to one where staff can walk about with ease. Businesses in the hospitality sector or those that are located in town and city centres often have difficulty with space. Many compactors have a footprint smaller than one 1100 bin and can be situated in an opportune spot indoors or outdoors. All cardboard and plastic can be compacted in a baler so these recycling bins can go altogether. General waste bin compactors will reduce bin volume by around 3:1.

                                      From loose, flat-packed boxes to space reducing, dense bales.

Keep your staff happy

Another problem with bins is they take up labour hours due to having to flat-pack cardboard and walk to the waste area each time a stack of waste is produced. Having a baler or bag compactor located in a convenient spot close to the main working area will cut down on the walking hours significantly. As balers handle whole materials, no flat-packing or tearing is needed either. Staff will be much happier concentrating harder on their actual jobs and they will be pleased knowing full well when they are dealing with waste it is being dealt with in an eco-friendly manner.

Make your business greener
Compacting and baling all cardboard and plastic ensures it is getting recycled. With no loose waste in bins which can overflow into another waste stream or get lost in poor weather, dense bales will be collected regularly by a recycler. Despite many businesses using recycling bins, they are not 100% effective at recycling because of the tendency to overflow. Having a tidier waste area is also less of a health and safety hazard and if in view of the general public will not get frowned upon unlike an overflowing messy area.

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