Benefits Of SMEs Using Recycling Equipment

23rd Dec 2021

Recycling plays a massive part in the world’s fight against climate change. Whilst creating less waste is the pinnacle of going green, it is inevitable that some waste is going to be produced by most businesses. Many small and medium businesses have paper waste, packaging, manufacturing waste, or other waste, and it is essential that they deal with it properly.

Much of this waste can be recycled. This means collecting it and distributing it to people who can then recycle the waste. In addition to the obvious benefits of recycling to the planet, it can also be very beneficial to SMEs for several reasons.

Reputation, Reputation, Reputation

Consumers are increasingly concerned with the ecological credentials of the businesses that they deal with. With more and more people researching who they are buying from, it is important for SMEs to ensure that they satisfy their customers and potential customers in terms of the green issues that are important to them.

By recycling your waste, you can show that you are serious about doing your bit for the planet, give yourself the caring, conscientious reputation that means that you can attract new customers, and make your existing customers – and staff proud of you.

Having staff that are proud to work for you is a great asset to your business, boosting it in several different ways. Happier workers make for more productive workers, but also ones that will naturally promote the company, for example. Having staff who are proud of who they work for means that they are less likely to leave as well and can help you to attract a better calibre of candidates in the first place.

Recycling does not need to be labour, space, or time intensive. Specialist recycling equipment such as cardboard balers, for example, can mean that it does not take long to neatly package your recycling waste, it can be stored tidily and easily, and without the need for a lot of extra labour.

Reduced Landfill Charges

SMEs spend a fortune each year on landfill charges. This is not only bad for the business but also disastrous for the environment, taking up more and more space in the already inadequate landfill sites. By choosing to recycle your business’s waste, you can not only reduce the amount of space that you are using in the landfill sites but also the amount of money that you are spending having it taken away.

What’s more, some companies will pay you for your waste as they can use it for themselves. Another reason why your business and your local business community can benefit from recycling the things that you do not need.

Keeps Places of Work Tidy

The likelihood is that you would like to have a bit more space in your place of work. Recycling your waste can be a great way to make as much space as possible. Cardboard balers, for example, will crush bulky cardboard packaging and form them into neat, stackable blocks until they are taken away. Other recycling bins are a great way to keep your office organised and ensure that waste is disposed of properly.

A neat and tidy workplace not only gives you more space, but it is also good for employees’ mental health and can help to improve productivity.

Regulations and Legislation

The world is being put under increasing pressure to do what we can to recycle as much as possible. And this pressure is increasingly being passed onto businesses through regulations and legislation. By recycling as much as you can as well as adopting other eco-friendly practises within your business, you can stay one step ahead of the regulations and legislation, saving you money and making yourself look even better than you already do.

Using Recycled Materials

As a business, your recycling responsibilities do not just end at making sure that you recycle your waste. You should also look at how you can incorporate recycled materials into your products, processes, and packaging. There is a range of different materials that can easily be recycled – paper, plastic, metal, and glass are all very commonly recycled.

By trying to incorporate these recycled materials into your business, you can not only help to do your bit for the environment, but it also gives you something to tell your customers about.

For SMEs, the question is not about whether or not you should be recycling your waste. The answer is obvious – it can save you money, make you money, help your reputation and keep you on the right side of the law, so what choice is there to make?

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