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The waste and recycling industry is always changing. Here you will find news from the waste industry and the latest news from QCR

Plastics recyclers feel the squeeze as oil price drops

22nd December 2014

Whilst the fall in oil prices has bought some joy at the pumps for Britain’s motorists, producers of scrap plastic may not enjoy the corresponding decline in values for waste plastic
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Our Macmillan Coffee Morning

26th September 2014

A team training day has coincided with the MacmIlllan Coffee Morning so everyone has been busy baking cakes for this most worthy of causes. Some of them look remarkably like shop bought cakes and we are still wondering who them member of staff called Mr Kipling is
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Support grows for QCRs Collect a Can mission

15th September 2014

We began a project 4 weeks ago to collect as 26,000 aluminium cans. The reason for this is to make a large can bale to sell it to a recycler and then donate the money raised to CLIC Sargent
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Increase in UK tyre recycling sees high demand for QCR’s tyre baler

1st September 2014

We’ve had massive interest in our tyre baling machines since we launched them in the UK earlier this year and it’s prompted us to look more deeply into the tyre recycling industry.
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Chadlington Whites U13s star in their new QCR sponsored kit

1st September 2014

We were pleased to be asked to help out with sponsorship at Chadlington FC this season
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Councils waste £200m on rubbish bins of all colours

15th July 2014

This comes as no surprise to us, but The Times is today reporting that councils are wasting £200,000,000.00 a year of our money on different colour bins. They probably neglect to mention this when they send every household a glossy brochure crowing about how clever they have been in managing to collect your waste.
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Environment Agency names and shames TV chef Jamie Oliver's restaurant chain

4th June 2014

Jamie Oliver has been on the wrong end of some bad press of late and latest reports about failure to recycle at his Jamie's Italian chain won’t be welcomed.
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Amlin Cup clash between Wasps and Gloucester

10th April 2014

Continuing our rugby theme, these lucky boys won the right to lead the teams out in front of the Sky cameras for the Amlin Cup clash between Wasps and the mighty Gloucester
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Wins for Chipping Norton Rugby Club

10th April 2014

We’re proud of our continued association with Chipping Norton Rugby Club. It’s a small, friendly club where the core rugby values of enjoyment and fair play are paramount.
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Wedding bells are ringing at QCR

26th March 2014

Once upon time….There was a handsome service engineer who was called upon to carry out a routine service on one of our machines at a Spar shop in Shiphay.
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QCR acquires Mil-tek Environmental

13th March 2014

The pace of life is fast here at QCR and is about to get faster as we celebrate the acquisition of Environmental Solutions Machinery Ltd, formerly Mil-tek Environmental Solutions.
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QCR installs 50kw solar pv system

20th February 2014

We moved into our new building last autumn and we love the space, the views and the additional car parking. We aren’t so keen on the hideous pink colour scheme used throughout the offices nor the eye watering electricity bills
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Get liberation from union blockheads: go on two wheels

7th February 2014

Whilst not wholly relevant to renewable energy or better handling of waste, we felt the need to share this superb op-ed piece in today’s Times.
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The Taste of the West

6th February 2014

QCR’s first show of the year got underway yesterday at the Taste of the West Show at the Westpoint Exhibition Centre, Exeter
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One day there will be no difference between waste and energy

7th January 2014

We've been banging on about the need to treat waste as an energy resource for some years now; a lot of our most exciting new projects involve turning clinical waste and food waste into hot water.
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