QCR cardboard balers – what’s the fuss all about?

9th Apr 2019

Just the other day we received an enquiry over the telephone. The customer in question was dawdling down a dreaded 50 miles per hour zone on the M1 when he spotted a QCR truck heading in the opposite direction. He quickly dialled our number and asked us all about our cardboard balers – from the very basics like how does a baler work? To how can it save me any money? It got us thinking, there’s still plenty of businesses out there that are not aware of the benefits of cardboard balers…

What is a cardboard baler?

A cardboard baler will essentially act as a replacement to your current cardboard waste system. This could be a system of using bins, skips, cages or pallets to contain loose cardboard. Waste balers vary greatly in size so any business could use one. From the smallest QCR 102 cardboard baler to the largest horizontal balers anyone from a small takeaway to a global manufacturer can use cardboard balers. Whole cardboard boxes are inserted into the bale chamber, when the chamber is full a plate comes down and crushes all the cardboard together, baler banding is then pulled through manually and tied over the cardboard to create a bale, the bale is then removed and stacked neatly in a storage area.

Why should I swap my existing system for a cardboard baler?

We say that any business spending over £15 a week on cardboard collections can strongly benefit from a QCR cardboard baler. If cardboard is segregated or is the sole waste type and collected on its own in bins, skips, cages or pallets then these containers can be removed and a baler put in place instead. This ends all collection costs. If cardboard is disposed of alongside plastic, general waste or anything else then a baler can certainly help to lower collection costs and hopefully free up some space. Labour hours can also be saved as balers require no flat-packing, they are designed to handle whole boxes.

What happens to the baled cardboard?

QCR will organise for one of its recycler contacts to collect the cardboard bales on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis depending on bale quantities. These bales are 100% guaranteed to be recycled so your green credentials soar. Many UK recyclers collect cardboard bales for free as they are all ready to be recycled when compacted and tied together.

What business sectors use cardboard balers?

Basically any business that spends over £15 per week and/or has space issues could find a baler ideal. The most common business sectors on QCR’s customer list are:
•    Hotels
•    Pubs
•    Restaurants
•    Manufacturers
•    Logistics
•    Retailers
•    Garden centres
•    Food producers

Environmental benefits

With so much worldwide coverage on recycling nowadays, businesses have a responsibility to act responsibly towards the planet. Putting 100% of your company’s cardboard into a baler and turning it into bales will ensure every box is recycled properly. Loose cardboard in bins for example can overflow into the general waste stream when the bin becomes full. Loose waste doesn't transport well either – there is always a chance it could blow away in poor weather whilst in a packed bin.

The fuss being made about QCR’s cardboard balers is all true! With so many benefits, why not get in touch with us here.





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