Plastic is a valuable commodity

9th Jul 2015

An interesting article in The Times', Thunderer section today discusses the negative effect waste plastic in Britain is having on the marine environment.

The author focuses on Britain's plastic bottle consumption and how the public need to reduce their usage of single-use plastic bottles in order to protect the oceans. For those constantly on the go, drink bottles are a popular and convenient choice to restore hydration. The author would clearly prefer the public to drink from a toilet sink whilst out and about - perhaps this is the future? Her issue with only 24 per cent of waste plastic actually being reused or recycled is credible however. It is noticeable how general waste bins dominate the high streets and the public do not think for a second when disposing of an empty plastic bottle or sandwich container; they just want rid of it and who can really blame them?

You can read the full article here.

We at QCR know that recycling plastic is worthwhile and the benefits to companies who produce enough of it are noteworthy. Installing a QCR plastic baler will reduce your waste load, create a tidier working environment, help to improve your green credentials and save you money.

QCR have an extensive list of recyclers who will collect your baled plastic for free and the opportunity for a large rebate is very realistic. For good quality plastic, a rebate in excess of £300 can be achieved for over 10,000 kg of material. Next time you throw waste plastic in the bin or in a skip and your collection bill arrives, just think what could be.

We offer all businesses a free site survey and free trials of our equipment so you can judge for yourself whether baling plastic is a good investment and it will cost you nothing.

It costs nothing to talk to us either...

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