Hotels encouraged to use recycling bins, are we stuck in a time warp?

30th Jul 2018

An interesting piece in this month’s Hotel Food & Beverage magazine explains how hotels can protect the planet and become more sustainable.

It's a relevant and in depth article discussing the best energy saving and the ‘best’ waste management strategies – note the ironic quote marks.

We were hoping to read a section on eco-friendly recycling equipment however there was no mention.

overflowing-cardboard-binInstead the suggestion is to have well labelled recycling bins and a smooth collection system. Is this really the best way?

What they fail to mention is the cost of these bin collections and the annoyance of having voluminous bins gathered in tight spaces, not to mention the constant struggle of bins overflowing.

Are bins really protecting the planet as well? Loose waste always has a tendency to end up where it shouldn’t, like landfill sites or even the sea.

Baling waste cardboard and plastic removes any need for bins and the bales will often be collected for free. There is a money saver straight away - expensive bin collections swapped for free bale collections.

Balers have a small footprint which saves space and balers handle whole boxes and large streams of plastic wrap so no need to waste time flat-packing and tearing.

Oh and as the waste is baled and tied together, you can be certain the waste is 100% recycled – that’s protecting the planet right there.

We’ve had several large hotel chains and independent hotels ditch their bins and swap to balers; they couldn’t be happier.

Go for the cheaper, greener and all round better solution with balers.

Give us a call and see for yourself why balers are so much better than bins with a free trial.

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