How to Choose a Business Paper Shredder

26th Jun 2020

As your business grows, you need to assess your operations and identify ways to improve the efficiency of your processes. For instance, any business expansion will mean that you are required to securely dispose of a higher volume of confidential documents and recycle a higher volume of waste materials. One simple way to ensure that these tasks are completed efficiently is by using a paper shredder to improve your waste management and reduce associated costs. Shredding confidential documents is also a simple and effective way to ensure that sensitive data is disposed of securely and in line with data protection regulations. With this in mind, here is everything you need to know about using a paper shredder in your business.

QCR 852 Shredder

Our 852 Shedder is an innovative recycling machine that has been designed to shred waste paper materials using a secure cross-cut shred type. The machine is particularly useful if your business deals with large volumes of confidential information, as documents can be destroyed onsite immediately, thus reducing the risk of sensitive data being lost or stolen. The shredded material can then be stored conveniently onsite before being transported to recycling facilities. The machine has the capacity to shred up to 10,000 sheets of paper per day and can hold up to 200l of shredded paper. You can also use this machine to safely shred other waste materials such as CDs, floppy disks, and payment cards. The 852 shredder has been designed to handle both flat and crumpled paper materials to help prevent jams and ensure optimal running levels. The shredder automatically stops when the bin is full, and the shredded material can easily be removed by sliding out the catch basket located under the machine.

Things to consider when choosing a shredder

Industrial shredders have become extremely popular over the years, and there is a wide selection of shredding machines available with various specifications. You must consider the different options carefully and choose the shredder that best suits your needs. Here are the key things you should consider when choosing a paper shredder for your business:

What size shredder do you require?

Industrial paper shredders come in a range of sizes. The types of shredder you choose will depend on your business operations and the volume of paper waste you produce. For instance, if you are only going to use your shredder to dispose of a standard amount of paper waste, then a small paper shredder should be sufficient. Whereas, if your business produces large volumes of paper waste or you plan on using the machine to shred items such as hard drives, then you will need to purchase a heavy-duty shredder with higher capabilities. Ideally, you should buy the biggest shredder that your budget will allow.

What maintenance is required?

When purchasing a paper shredder, you also need to consider what maintenance is required to keep the machine working at optimal levels. We include maintenance with all of our paper shredders, which means you can have peace of mind that your shredder will continue running efficiently.

What type of shredders are available?

There is a great selection of paper shredders available to suit various business needs and requirements. For example, our 852 shredder is ideal for destroying confidential paper documents. The cross-cut shred design ensures the highest levels of security and allows waste materials to be stored compactly. Whereas, our PacShred S industrial shredder has been designed to handle heavy-duty waste materials such as cardboard. This machine can transform unused cardboard boxes into a sustainable and low-cost packaging solution for your business. It is important that you understand the different types of paper shredders available in the market and choose the machine that is most suited to your business needs.

Secure disposal of sensitive data

A key benefit of a paper shredder is that it allows confidential documentation to be destroyed securely and efficiently. Having access to a shredder will help protect your customers’ sensitive information against potential risks such as credit card fraud or identity theft. Protecting confidential data should be a top priority in any business, as having sensitive data lost or stolen can have serious and long-term consequences, including financial losses and damage to reputation. Using an industrial shredding machine will increase the security levels within your business, and help your company remain compliant with relevant data protection laws and regulations.


Using a paper shredder in your business can offer several great benefits. This includes improving your recycling strategies, increasing your overall business efficiency levels, and disposing of confidential documents securely. If your business does not currently require an industrial paper shredder, then you could still benefit from a cardboard baler. You can find more information on the benefits of using a cardboard baling machine by clicking here.

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