Recycling Bags For QCR Bag Stands

Our bag stand bag system is ideal for sorting and collecting waste at the source. Use them at the end of a production line to collect excess waste before baling or recycling. Or if you have both cardboard and plastic waste to bale, our bag stands are ideal for collecting plastics whilst you are baling cardboard. Then once your cardboard bale is complete simply, remove bags full of plastic from the bags stands and then bale and compact these whole. 

We supply 2 types of bag stand bags; economy and standard. Economy bags are ideal for collecting light materials such as soft plastics like shrink wrap or strapping and paper rags. Our standard bags are stronger and therefore more suitable for filling bags full of shrink wrap and other soft plastics as well as heavier waste such as general, food waste and clothing. Bag stands are sold separately.

For help and advice on selecting the bags you require please call us on 01242 620903 and we’ll be happy to advise.