Baler Wire For Large Balers

Mill Size Baler Wire For Sale

QCR supply high quality Baler Wire suitable for most large waste balers include Mill Size, CRT and Tyre Balers. Using baling wire for your Mill Size Baler offers the strongest way to tie your mill sized bales of cardboard, soft plastics, textiles, carpets and hard plastics etc.

Mill Size Bales are desirable for Recyclers therefore is it important that they are secured with good quality wires to reduce the risk of breakages in order to secure the best return for your waste. Bales which are secured properly are easier to move and transport to the Recycling Facility.

Buy Mill Size Baler Wire Online

You can buy our baler wire online with a credit or debit card. Our 1-5 working day delivery service for baler wire is £56 + VAT per pallet. Please see individual product listings below for details on the quantities of baler wires delivered on each pallet. To order more than one pallet load of wires for your baling machine please call us and we can advise you on quantity discounts. We offer both cut and loop and quick link baling wires to suit all preferences.

Do You Need Baler Wire Delivered Quickly?

Please note that next working day delivery orders for all types of baler wire must be made over the phone before 11am. Unfortunately you cannot order next day delivery for baling wire on our website.