Baler Banding & Baler Tape

High Quality Waste Baler Banding With FREE mainland UK delivery

Waste Baler Banding is sometimes referred to as Baler Tape, Baler Strapping, Baling Tape or Baler String. Baling tape is suitable for tying up bales of waste cardboard and plastics. If you're not sure what width of banding to order, call us and speak to one of our Waste Experts. It's important you select the banding with the right level of strength to avoid breakages.

Our low-cost Recycling Baler Tape prices start from only 4p per metre

Our Waste Baler Banding is made from highly durable and strong polyester fibre and is suitable for most brands of waste baling equipment. Our high quality Bailing Tapes are suitable for both pneumatic and hydraulic waste baling machines. Our durable baler strapping is used to keep your bales of recyclable materials secure and tidy to enable them to be easily collected by a Recycler.

Choosing high quality Baler Banding is an important consideration for any business because any bales that are not securely baled will need to be re-baled before a Recycler will collect them. Loose bales of materials pose a health and safety risk therefore it is important you purchase your Banding from a reputable supplier like QCR Recycling Equipment.

Our range of great value baler strapping is available in 3 different width sizes to suit the size of your baler. The greater the width of the banding the higher the breaking strain. The easiest way to determine the exact size of the Baler Tape you need is to measure the width of the strand of your current tape. Buying a bulk pack offers the best value for money.

Baler Banding & Baler Tape Size Guide

  • 9mm x 350m Baler Tape for bales weighing up to 230kg

  • 13mm x 350m Baler Banding for bales weighing up to 350kg

  • 19mm x 400m Baler Strapping for bales weighing up to 550kg

We offer FREE UK MAINLAND DELIVERY on all QCR Baler Tape/Banding reels placed on our online shop.