Jump on Board With QCR's Seasonal Business Offer

Are you a seasonal business? Do you only want to pay for your waste costs when you are open? If this is you get in touch!

QCR’s seasonal business package means you only pay for your recycling equipment when your business is booming! You won’t pay a penny when it slows down.

If you run a seasonal tourist attraction or holiday park then this is the perfect solution for you.                                                         Holiday Park

QCR will deliver your equipment at the beginning of your boom season and return for removal at the end.

We offer free bale collections to 98% of the UK and have solutions for cardboard, general waste, glass and plastic. 

Minimum fixed priced rental period is 6 months. A small installation and delivery charge is required, however beforehand we will offer you a free site survey and trial; this will enable you to make the correct choice for your business. Complimentary training also comes as part of the package.

Call our expert team to arrange a free site survey and trial today!

Recycling Equipment Offers

small waste baler for cardboard

QCR 102 Baler

•    Handy size
•    Ideal for small to medium quantities of cardboard and plastic
•    Optional can crushing insert available
•    Free bale collections from reliable recyclers
•    Available from only £20.00 per week

 bin presses and compactorsQCR Bin Press 

•    Increases work space
•    Presents a clean image
•    Reduces bin lifts 3:1
•    Optional tractor mount available
•    Available from only £20.00 per week

Glass Crusher

    QCR Glass Crusher 

   •    Reduces glass volume by 5:1
   •    Handles up to 680 bottles at a time
   •    Free glass collections from reliable recyclers
   •    Under the counter option available – ideal for bars and restaurants
   •    Available from only £24.00 per week

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