A baler or compactor saves each of our customers on average £1,248 per year!

There are 3 simple reasons why a QCR baler is great for your business...

1Save Money

If you are spending more than £12 per week on waste collections then it’s very likely QCR can save you money with a baler or compactor.  Our 3,000 customers ditched their expensive bins and skips for a QCR waste compactor and now on average they save £1,248 each year. Some of our customers are saving in excess of £16,000 annually!

Rebates are available for those producing large bales of waste. We can advise you on the possibilities of producing bales for revenue generation.

2Save Time

If you have to flat pack your boxes to fit them into bins or containers then what a waste of time. If you don’t flatpack then you are paying to dispose of air. A baler can do it all for you, crushes your waste and removes all the air!  

What's more, if your bins are located far away from the source of waste you are probably having to carry your rubbish to the bins, again wasting time. A baler, because of its size, can be located close to where waste is produced; in a kitchen, stockroom, the end of a production line, inside a warehouse, etc.

3Save Space

A baler takes up half the space of a bin and just a small proportion of a skip. For our customers a QCR baler has released space which they have turned into; courtyards, parking spaces, extended dining areas to name a few.

If you think you don’t have space for a baler then you’d be surprised where we’ve managed to fit a baler into! Under stairs, in basements, cellars, sheds, champagne vaults and even on roofs!

Not convinced? Here are more reasons...

4. Indirect savings

Taking waste out to the bins and leaving doors open creates a security risk for intruders to walk in! This could then lead to health and safety issues should machinery be involved. Frequently opening doors does let heat out and the cold in. Locating a baler at source where waste is produced is much more effective and environmentally friendly.

5. Fixed prices

Our popular rental options offer our customers fixed prices throughout the term and are unlikely to increase after that. The problem with bins is prices will increase. Landfill tax increases by 3% every year and this means bin suppliers have to pass these costs onto their customers. We’re not affected by landfill tax so have no risings costs to pass on!

Still not convinced?


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