Choosing a waste baler

What is a baler? A baler allows you to easily sort, compact and store your waste right from where you generate it. Why would it benefit my business? With the correct baler installed you will save you money, time and space. When considering a baler here are a few points to bear in mind.

Size of balerQCR small waste baler

A few factors will determine the baler size you require. The first and most significant is the amount of waste you are generating which can be calculated by the number of skips and bins you have. The second is the size of the material. For example, you may have low or medium waste volumes but handle large boxes which means you will need a baler with a large loading door so that boxes can be placed inside the baler whole. The third consideration is the space you have and the potential location. If space is tight or perhaps you are looking to free up valuable space for other uses then a small compact baler is ideal.

Type of materialWaste baler for cardboard

Any recyclable material can be baled, compacted or crushed. The most common two are cardboard and soft plastics and are usually compacted in our standard balers. However a baler is not exclusively for these two types of materials; tyres, hard plastics, EPS, cans, PET bottles and textile to name a few can all be baled to specialist compactors. If you have more then one waste stream such as plastic and cardboard then you have a number of options available from using the same baler to do both to multiple balers. We’ll be able to recommend the best option for you with a free onsite waste audit.

Renting or buying

You may think renting a baler is a stupid idea right? Wrong! Renting a baler is actually a no brainer because of the invaluable extras and the service you get with a QCR rental. We offer flexible rental terms which include free delivery, installation, training, maintenance, servicing, advice and consultancy, bale collections, upgrades and downgrades and breakdown cover. So there will be no hidden costs or extras to pay.

QCR Mill size waste balerBut if buying a baler is what you prefer we can help with a huge range of new and refurbished balers options.

Collection of bales

Unlike bins where you pay per lift, recyclers will collect baled material for most businesses as long as you are not in a remote location (albeit lovely we’re sure). Basically this means that for 95% of the country we’ll organise reliable local recyclers to collect your bales. For customers looking for rebates on their bales, we’ll find you best rate so you can maximise your returns.

Servicing and maintenance Horizontal waste baler

All balers, no matter what the brand will need servicing annually. So make sure it is either included or you buy a service contract separately. QCR rental customers enjoy a worry and hassle free full warranty which includes an annual service of the machine, parts and labour costs, ongoing training and support and breakdown cover.

The QCR way – we’ll make things easy for you

Deciding to recycle your waste with a baler is easy, all you need to do is contact QCR – that’s free too! We have 22 years of experience and the biggest selection of recycling equipment to suit every budget. So talk to the experts – we’ve got what you need, guaranteed.

small cardboard baler for wasteBook your free site survey….Large waste baler for recycling

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