QCR GLS2 Wide Aperture Glass Bottle Crusher

QCR GLS2 Wide Aperture Glass Bottle Crusher

The QCR GLS2 is a designed to reduce glass bottle volumes by 10:1, crushing the glass into a safe to handle sand-like material. It's perfect for venues with low-medium volumes of glass bottles such as bars, hotels and restaurants. 

This gl glass crusher to sand machine sadly can't turn bottles into actual sand but the texture of the finished ground material doesn't have sharp edges and is sand-like (see product video below).

Product Features

  • Crushes up to 160 x 330ml bottles (or equivalent) into the transparent 20L bin provided
  • Wide aperture for larger than average glass bottles (single feed)
  • Unit is mobile for ease of movement
  • Small footprint
  • Low noise level
  • Waste glass can either be collected by a recycler or re-used as aggregate

Is this a glass crusher to sand machine?

This glass crusher to sand machine doesn't crush glass into actual sand but it can crush glass bottles into a sand-like material. We can send you a sample of the glass sand it produces.

What type of businesses could benefit from using a machine like this?

This glass crusher is recommended for hospitality businesses who handle larger than average bottles for example those for Champagne or large spirits bottles.

Glass Crusher Hire UK

The QCR GL Glass Crusher Range is available for short term rental & longer term rental. All our UK glass crushing machine hire customers enjoy the benefits of:

  • Free Site Survey
  • Free Equipment Delivery & Installation
  • Free Ongoing Staff Training
  • Free Regular Servicing & Breakdown Cover

How do I purchase Glass Crushing Equipment?

Due to our large range of glass crushing equipment options we'd recommend you get in contact to speak to one of our local representatives to find out the perfect solution for your needs. All recycling equipment purchased from QCR and installed in a UK business premises are supplied with 12 month (parts & labour) warranty.

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Technical Details

Capacity 160 x 330ml bottles or equivalent into a 20L bucket (supplied) 40kg when full
Compression Ratio 10:1 volume reduction into a safe to handle sand-like material
Power 220v 50/60hz
Feed Opening Wide
Noise level 60-90db
Dimensions H 1056mm, W 690mm, D 602mm
Weight 120Kg
Product Code QCR GL Sand Glass Crusher
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