QCR Industrial Glass Imploder With Optional Bin Lift

QCR Industrial Glass Imploder With Optional Bin Lift

An industrial glass imploder will transform glass bottles, float, borosilicate, automotive and flat glass into safe, sharp free glass in a single operation. This Commercial Glass Crusher is available for rental for all UK businesses or outright purchase.

Glass imploders use a mechanical resonance transfer process to create sharp free glass. Implosion is designed to target the glass element of the feedstock reducing its size to a blend of sizes less than 25mm. The processed glass may be safely stored in a variety of containers, sacks, skips or bins prior to disposal.


Typically up to 1000kg-3000kg/hr (dependent on feedstock type and contamination levels)

Commercial Glass Crushing Machine Options:

  • Fully enclosed automated bin lift mechanism for lifting 120ltr bins of standard EU design


  • Less storage space required
  • Less truck movements to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Produces safer sharp free glass
  • Low power requirements
  • Improved site cleanliness
  • Internal settings may be altered to provide differing size distribution of the processed glass
  • Aggregates can be used for road or path construction
  • Mechanical non glass reject system helps protect imploder from damage

This glass imploder is available for short term rental or purchase.

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Technical Details

Capacity up to 1000kg-3000kg/hr
Power Low power requirements
Supply voltage 380/415v/18A
Weight 215kg
Product Code QCR Glass Imploder
Produces sharp free glass Produces sharp free glass
Available with enclosed chamber Available with enclosed chamber
6:1 volume reduction 6:1 volume reduction
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