What is a Carpet Baler?

4th Mar 2024

Carpet is a popular type of floor covering in the UK due to its heat and sound insulating properties. The most common types are made from either polypropylene, polyamide or wool. Thousands of tonnes of carpet waste are produced every year by the flooring industry therefore it is important to dispose of it responsibly. A new carpet recycling plant opened in the UK in 2023, giving us a new destination for old carpet waste.

Why is it important to recycle carpet?

When fitting a new carpet inside a home or workplace, waste is inevitable as the flooring needs to be cut to fit the dimensions of the room. It is important to recycle carpet to prevent it from being sent to landfill which is both expensive and bad for the environment. This applies to both the old carpet being removed and off-cuts from new carpet being fitted. In a competitive marketplace, an environmentally conscious customer is more likely to choose a carpet retailer with a sustainable waste management plan in place. Carpet waste can be a bulky material to transport to a recycling facility but baled, it is much easier to handle.

New Waste Legislation

The implementation of new waste legislation relating to businesses in some parts of the UK from Spring 2024 will mean that the sorting of waste becomes mandatory therefore it is recommended that businesses within the industry consider alternatives to skips for recyclable waste.

What is a carpet baler?

Carpet Balers bind carpets into neat bales that can then be taken to a recycling facility. Baling carpet is not only good for the environment, but also a great way to reduce waste disposal fees. Flooring companies can benefit from installing a waste baler to reduce their reliance on skips as a means of waste disposal. Not only can this help to save space, as the footprint of a baler is significantly smaller than that of a large skip, it can also help to reduce the proportion of their waste which is subject to landfill tax. Carpet Balers can also be used for baling textile waste, although it is important to highlight that different types of waste must be baled separately.


How do you bale carpet?

When baling carpet you must ensure that all underlay, gripper rods, cardboard tubes, tapes, cutting knives, aerosol cans and other contaminants are removed prior to placing the material inside the baler. You must use heavy duty baler banding to secure your bales to prevent breakages. It is important to ensure that the bales are kept both clean and dry.  Some carpet recyclers have strict specifications regarding the type and weight of the carpet within the bales therefore it is important to check these prior to baling to ensure that you do not incur additional charges. To enable easy handling and storage, it is recommended to put the completed bales onto a pallet and wrap them to protect them from dirt and moisture. Operators must be trained by a professional to ensure that they operate the machine correctly for their own safety. To get the best returns for your business and the environment, bales of carpet should be delivered to the recycling facility in bulk, therefore it is important to consider where they will be stored prior to collection.

How do you chose a waste baler for carpet?

Carpet baling can only be performed by a specialist baling machine, therefore it is important that you take advice from a knowledgeable supplier prior to purchasing or hiring. QCR's 509 Multi-Material Waste Baler can be used to bale carpet and textiles, or if you have larger quantities, the V50 Mill Size Baler is also suitable for baling carpets and textiles.

How can I get started?

Carpet Balers for sale or hire are available from QCR Recycling Equipment who are a leading UK supplier of Waste Balers and Compactors. If you are new to baling, free equipment trials are available (subject to machine availability and some geographical restrictions). These machine demonstrations are a great way to gain first-hand experience of how you can incorporate a baler into your workplace. We can also introduce you to a Carpet Recycler if you do not already have your own in place. Rental customers can benefit from free machine delivery, free ongoing operator training and a fixed cost throughout the duration of their contract.

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