What Are 2023’s New UK Packaging Waste Regulations?

17th Aug 2023

2023 has seen the introduction of new Packaging Waste Regulations in the UK that are applicable to many businesses selling, importing and handling packaging goods. These new laws form part of the UK Government’s move towards achieving their net-zero targets and are very similar to new EU packaging regulations due to be implemented in 2024.

Understanding the Regulations

The 2023 new UK Packaging Waste Regulations represent a pivotal shift towards comprehensive waste management for businesses defined as “producers” by the new legislation. These policies mandate these businesses to drastically reduce packaging waste and encourage the adoption of a circular economy. Now, manufacturers are obliged to design packaging with the end-of-life in mind, choosing recyclable or biodegradable materials over single-use options. Companies who these new laws now apply to are held accountable, mandated to transparently report their packaging usage, waste generation, and the subsequent actions taken to minimize their environmental footprint.

Who Has to Comply?

The scope of these regulations is broad. Every business that produces, handles, sells, or imports packaged goods above a certain threshold must comply. This includes large multinational corporations and extends down to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), depending on the scale of their operations and packaging use.

How a Waste Baler Can Help

Against this backdrop, waste balers, specifically those designed for compacting recyclable packaging materials such as cardboard, plastics, glass, cans, drums etc have become indispensable tools for businesses striving to increase their level of recycling of used packaging materials.

Cost savings

One of the immediate benefits of using a waste baler is the significant cost savings it can deliver to businesses who want to recycle packaging waste. By compressing recyclable packaging materials into compact, easy-to-handle bales, the frequency and cost of waste collection are notably reduced.

The mill size baler, capable of handling high volumes of waste, is especially beneficial for larger businesses who need to comply to the new packaging regulations in the most cost-effective way.


A cluttered workspace is a hazardous workspace. Loose packaging materials can create physical dangers like tripping and fire hazards and can become breeding grounds for pests. An indirect benefit of this new legalisation is likely to be an improvement in site hygiene and safety for many businesses which encourages considered disposal of packaging materials.

Improved Recycling Rate

Waste balers inherently promote recycling. By compressing and segregating materials, they facilitate the efficient collection and processing of recyclable packaging waste. This increases the overall quality of materials sent for recycling and reduces the volume of waste destined for landfills.

How can QCR’s Recycling Equipment Help Meet the Regulations?

QCR, an established name in the UK Recycling Equipment Industry, has been at the forefront of helps businesses to adapt to these evolving packaging regulations. Our extensive range of recycling machinery is designed to make it easy for UK businesses to improve their rates of recycling of packaging waste.

QCR’s Commitment to improving levels of Business Sustainability

QCR doesn't just provide recycling equipment for rental and purchase; we advocate for a sustainable future. With our team of Waste Experts located around the country, we are able to provide free no-obligation waste management advice to all businesses in the UK who want to improve their levels of recycling of used packaging waste such as cardboard, glass and plastics.

We understand that not every piece of packaging can be recycled. However, the good news is that QCR also have sustainable solutions for General Waste disposal (non-recyclables) or heavily contaminated materials such as Bin Compactors which are available to rent or purchase.

Our refurbished Waste Baler range provides a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way for businesses to start baling their waste packaging using a tried and tested machine which has been expertly checked and restored by our team of Engineers.

Waste Management Support for businesses

Beyond merely selling equipment, QCR is committed to educating its customers on best practices for packaging waste management and recycling. They offer free waste audits assisting businesses in not only choosing the right equipment but also in understanding how to use it effectively to meet regulatory requirements and sustainability goals.

Navigating the New Packaging Regulations in the UK

As we progress further into the 21st century, the environmental mandate is clear, and the new 2023 packaging waste regulations are a testament to this global shift in more environmentally conscious decision making for businesses and individuals.

For businesses, it is a necessity to incorporate sustainable practices into their operations. The acquisition of efficient recycling equipment, such as waste balers, becomes more than just a means to regulatory compliance—it’s a concrete step towards corporate responsibility and global sustainability.

For businesses seeking a reliable partner in this journey towards sustainability, QCR stands as a proven and trustworthy option. Our wide range of recycling equipment is not only designed to help businesses meet today's stringent regulations but also to empower businesses to become active participants in the global effort towards a greener, cleaner future.

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