Save yourself from the cold this winter with a space saving indoor recycling solution

24th Sep 2015

Yesterday saw the official start of autumn and the saying ‘the nights are drawing in’ will be spoken regularly throughout the United Kingdom.

Winter is coming and can it can produce all sorts of nasty weather conditions. For those of you out there that work for a business which produces plenty of waste, those constant trips outside to the skip or bin can be a real pain – especially in winter.

Thankfully QCR can alleviate this problem with an indoor recycling solution. We supply a large range of smaller machines that are perfect for installing indoors. We have found those in the hospitality industry have strongly benefitted from changing their waste management strategy to include balers, bin compactors and glass crushers or imploders; all of which minimise the need for outdoor bins and skips.

Expanding Brazilian restaurant chain, Casa Brasil was one such business who had limited space and bins were an impractical solution. The installation of small cardboard balers into their restaurants has removed the need for bins on site. The bales can be stacked neatly indoors and a local recycler collects these for free on a weekly basis. There is no need for staff to venture outside anymore, saving them time and their limited outdoor space is now bin free.



The QCR 102 baler (pictured left) is the perfect indoor fit for Casa Brasil.

The QCR BB04 glass crusher and the QCR 102 (pictured right) make a lovely indoor pairing at Framptons Café Bar & Restaurant in Ringwood, Dorset.



The Best Western, Blunsdon House Hotel based near Swindon was in a similar situation. Their outdoor area was cluttered with hefty bins, which were collected for a large sum of money each week. The installation of a QCR 102 baler indoors has removed the need to dispose of waste cardboard outside and bales are collected for free on a weekly basis. Huge savings of £1,820 per annum are being achieved.

If you think your business could follow suit with some indoor recycling – do get in touch with QCR. We will pop along, survey your site for free and have a chat with you. We offer free trials on all of our equipment so you can decide for yourself whether it is the solution for you. There is nothing to lose…

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