QCR’S Sales Director swims to victory for Cancer Research UK

15th Oct 2019

Neil Holland, Sales Director at QCR, and his team from Sidmouth Golf Club took on the epic challenge of a swim-a-thon to raise money for Cancer Research UK. The team swam 182 lengths in 55 minutes to win the Victory Cup and raised over £1000 for Cancer Research.

It was a record breaking year for the Sidmouth’s Swimathon with nearly 170 swimmers raising money for various charities. Together the teams swam a whopping 2889 lengths.

Neil and Team… we salute you…well done!

We are also doing our own fundraising for Cancer Research UK and local charity, National Star college. To celebrate QCR turning 20 this year we are donating 5% of all consumable orders to these two charities!


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