How To Service Your Cardboard Baler

25th Feb 2024

Cardboard balers are a great investment for any organisation that creates cardboard waste. Not only do they provide many operational benefits such as savings in time and space, balers can also help your business to increase the amount of cardboard that is recycled. Like any piece of hard-working equipment, regular servicing must be carried out to ensure it is operating safely and efficiently. Despite being robust in design, a poorly maintained machine can soon become a problem. 

What Is Baler Servicing? 

Planned regular baler servicing is an important task best completed by a competent professional. This is when your baler is checked and tested to ensure that it is working properly. Experienced Baler Technicians can identify any small problems which may have otherwise gone can unnoticed but could turn into bigger problems down the line. Finding issues as early as possible could avoid a costly repair bill and machine downtime. 

Why Is It Important? 

A thorough Baler Service must be carried out at regular intervals. It is not only important for the longevity of the machine, it’s also important for the health and safety of it’s users. It also minimises the chances of accidents and potential lawsuits. Your baler manual will provide more detail about this.  

The Steps of Baler Servicing 

Baler Servicing must always be carried out by a trained professional. However, this article will give you a very brief overview of some of the tasks involved when they come to look at your machine. 


Turn Baler Off 

This is an important first step when working on any equipment. Doing so is a safety measure that prevents injury and any damage to the baler.  


Check for Oil Leaks and Loose Hydraulic Connections 

The cause of oil leaks on a baler must be investigated asap. Sometimes a leak can be identified by spotting a dark puddle under your machinery.  A technician will also check for any loose connections within the hydraulic system and ensure the fluids are in good condition and at the correct level. 


Lubricate Moving Parts 

This prevents the parts in the machine becoming worn, hence creating a longer life for your baler. The recommended frequency of lubrication is documented in your machine manual. Baler oil can be bought from QCR’s Online Shop.  


Check Electrics and Emergency Stop Button 

If a user of a machine finds any damage to switches or the emergency stop button, they should stop using the equipment and book a repair asap. When servicing a hydraulic baler, all the electrical and wiring systems within the machine are checked and tested. 


Check You Have the Right Machine For Your Needs 

An experienced Waste Baler Expert can also check whether the machine you have is still the most suitable choice for your waste volumes. If your volumes have increased for example, they can identify if a larger machine would lead to more efficient waste handling at your site. Those who have rented a machine from QCR, get the luxury of being able to upgrade their machine at any point during their contract. 

When booking a baler service, keep these things in mind: 

  • A baler is a heavy piece of machinery, be sure that whoever’s servicing it knows what they’re doing to avoid accidents. We recommend booking a visit by from a professional who has been accredited by the Safe Contractor scheme for added peace of mind 

  • Make sure your baler is clear of material on the day of the service and the area around the baler is temporarily cordoned off to give the engineer space to work around the machine. Booking a time to suit your business can reduce interruption to your operations. 

  • The price of a service will depend on the model of the Baler. However, those businesses who have hired a baler from QCR Recycling Equipment do not need to worry about the cost of servicing as it is all included in their rental agreement. 

  • Chose a reputable company. It’s important to choose a technician who has experience in servicing Waste Balers. QCR have over 25 years of experience in Waste Baler Servicing and no matter where you originally purchased your machine from, they can help. 

Baler Servicing with QCR 

By scheduling a regular servicing and maintenance plan with QCR, you can help to prolong the life of your baler, reduce downtime, and save money on expensive repairs. 

QCR has a range of different recycling balers to hire across the UK which start at just £14.91 a week (excluding VAT). This low weekly cost includes routine servicing at no extra cost by a safe contractor accredited QCR equipment engineer. This will be organised at a time convenient for you and your business. As well as these checks, they’ll tell you if the size of your baler is still the best one for your business or whether a different machine is necessary.  

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