How to Make Money from Cardboard Waste

17th Oct 2023

If your business generates a lot of cardboard waste, investing in a cardboard baler is one of the simplest ways to minimize waste volume and save money on disposal fees when compared to using DMR (dry mixed recyclable bins) or skips.

In large quantities, uncontaminated cardboard waste that has been 'baled' by a baler machine can be sold to recycling companies, creating a new revenue stream and converting what was previously a cost into cash. In this article, we will explore how you can make money from your cardboard waste and the benefits of acquiring a cardboard baler for your organisation.

What are the Laws on Waste Cardboard?

All businesses in the UK are legally required to safely store and responsibly dispose of their cardboard packaging waste. The good news for businesses with large amount of waste cardboard is that because it is 100% recyclable, your cardboard waste is a valuable commodity to Recyclers if it has been baled, is free from contaminants and has been kept dry.

How to Make Money from My Cardboard Waste

Cardboard waste is valuable. If your business is using 1100L, 600L or 240L DMR bins, registered waste carriers make money from separating your cardboard waste from your other dry mixed recyclables. Once they have removed the cardboard, they bale it at their own premises, then sell it onto a recycling company to be processed into new material.

The secret of making money from your cardboard waste is that you can quite easily bale the cardboard waste yourself using a Waste Baler. Once it has been 'baled', in most cases your bales can be either be sold or collected for free depending on your location and the quantities you produce.

The Benefits of a Cardboard Baler

The advantages of purchasing or renting a baler are significant. Here are a few benefits that these machines can provide:

Reduces Waste Removal Fees

Large bulky cardboard waste collections can be costly for businesses. Because a cardboard baler means you no longer put cardboard waste into your bins, it can significantly reduce the number of bins you need or the frequency of collections.

Frees Up Workspace

Companies with large amounts of cardboard waste can find their premises is heavily populated with bins. When cardboard is compacted, it takes up significantly less valuable storage space on site, allowing for more efficient use of available space.

Reduces Transportation

Unsurprisingly, waste that has been compacted and baled may be transported more efficiently than loose materials. By reducing the number of unnecessary journeys and vehicles arriving on site, as well as maximizing individual loads, you will begin to see a significant return on your investment and reduce your environmental impact.

Reduced Cross-Contamination

Baling cardboard waste eliminates the likelihood of contamination, which is crucial to ensure that the maximum amount of waste can be recycled instead of being sent to landfill. Unfortunately, cardboard which is heavily contaminated often ends up in landfill and will be subject to the current landfill tax.

Compliance with Packaging Waste Regulations

New regulations implemented in 2023 by the UK Government place a greater emphasis on businesses defined as “producers” to recycle their cardboard packaging waste.

Can my Business Benefit from a Cardboard Baler?

Whether you generate 3 x 1100L bins of cardboard waste per week or thousands per year, investing in a cardboard baler is one of the best decisions your business can make; especially if you find yourself sending cardboard to landfill or paying for collections or bins.

A cardboard baler is an excellent investment since it not only reduces waste management expenses and provides an additional revenue stream, but also improves your business's sustainability ratings and reduces its carbon footprint.

Shop Cardboard Balers with QCR

If you're thinking about installing a waste baler in your business, QCR has a variety of baler rental and purchase options. Their friendly waste professionals can assist you in finding the ideal baler to match your particular operating needs at a competitive price.

Purchasing a waste baler not only lowers waste-related costs but also reflects your dedication to environmental responsibility. So, let us assist you in assessing your business's particular needs and picking the baler that best fits your waste management objectives.

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