How to Ensure Safety When Using a Baler

17th Oct 2023

Waste and recycling balers are simple to use and often generate considerable savings for a business by compressing waste into dense, compact blocks. However, balers, like any other piece of commercial or industrial machinery, should only be operated by trained members of staff.

Balers have certain safety standards that must be followed to avoid injury however, it is also important to source your Baler from an experienced and reputable supplier with good aftersales care. Wrong usage or poorly maintained equipment can result in serious injuries and, in tragic cases, death.

In this article, we’ll discuss some important safety considerations that it is essential for your business to consider when acquiring a new waste baler.

Tips to Stay Safe While Using a QCR Baler

It is important to understand that if misused, injuries can occur. However, the majority of injuries are avoidable if these safety tips are followed.

Organise Waste Baler Training

As with any purchase of new equipment, when you purchase or hire a baler from QCR, you’ll receive a highly detailed manual. However, at QCR we understand that nothing beats practical training from a real person, so we are also pleased to offer free ongoing in-person waste baler training to all our UK based customers. Got a waste baler question? No problem, you can call our team during office hours to speak to one of our Waste Experts. In addition to this, each of our balers also has a QR Code so you can easily access training videos if you need a quick refresher.

Keep up to date with Annual Servicing and Inspections

All QCR’s waste baler customers who have hired a machine in the UK enjoy the benefit of free baler breakdown cover. As a result, if they spot any potential safety hazard, QCR Rental Customers can call us to arrange for a free inspection to check for any for loose or damaged parts, faulty controls, or signs of wear and tear that may need to be addressed.

In addition to this, scheduling regular baler servicing from an experienced baler engineering firm such as QCR gives you the confidence knowing your baler is not only functioning at its maximum potential but also following all health and safety guidelines.

Use the correct specification of Baler Tapes/Wires for your machine

Depending on the size and type of your machine, to operate safely you must use the correct type of baler consumable. The most common type of Baler Consumables are called Baler Banding or Baler Wires. There are hundreds of suppliers of these products online and to add the complication, some suppliers use different terminology interchangeably so it’s really important to ensure you are using not only the correct size, but also the correct specification of baler wires/tapes. Buying your Baler consumables from QCR gives you the reassurance that you are sourcing high quality consumables at a fair price that will be delivered quickly. Not a QCR customer (yet!), no problem, give us a call and we will do what we can to ensure you get the correct type of tying material for your bales.

What Shouldn’t I Do When Using a Baler?

Attempt Repairs if You Do Not Have the Knowledge

A QCR Baler Engineer is the best person to diagnose and fix a problem with your Waste Baler. If you attempt to repair your baler without suitable skill and knowledge, you risk causing further damage to your equipment. Furthermore, even if you are successful in resolving the problem, there is no guarantee that the job was completed correctly or safely. Free breakdown cover is included on all QCR Waste Baler Rental Agreements and we can guarantee that your call will always be answered during office hours.

Why It’s Important to Follow the Safety Guidelines

Cardboard baler safety is critical for both employees and employers. It cannot be overstated how wrong usage of these powerful machines can result in serious injuries ranging from crushing to amputation, and in tragic cases, death.

To reduce these dangers, it is critical to read and retain the baler manual and receive operator training from a trained professional. QCR are happy to support all their baler hire customers with free ongoing training for your teams, as well as conducting regular servicing of the equipment in order to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

By purchasing or hiring recycling equipment from an established supplier such as QCR, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents and create a safer work environment for everyone involved. Remember, there is no room for compromise when it comes to baler safety.

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