How can Glass Recycling Help Your Business?

19th Apr 2024

In a world where businesses are looking for more ways to go green and reduce their impact on the planet, Glass Recycling is a great place to start. Commercial glass waste can include large quantities of empty bottles, jars and vials.  Luckily for businesses in the UK, recycling is easy and with the right glass recycling equipment at your premises, can help to reduce your costs.

What is Glass Recycling?

Glass Crushers 

Glass bottles, jars and containers take up a huge amount of space considering they’re mostly just air when empty. A glass crusher is an easy and safe way for your staff to crush whole bottles into smaller glass pieces known as cullet. By crushing a bottle before it is put into a recycling bin, you can fit more glass waste inside it. For businesses who are billed by their Waste Collection Company based on the number of bins they have, additional savings can also be made.

Glass Imploder 

A glass imploder is a highly specialised piece of equipment that compacts glass into sharp free material, making it much safer to store and handle. Rather than simply crushing the glass into cullet, it further processes the material into much smaller pieces. Once the glass has been through the imploder, it can then be safely stored prior to recycling. Some imploders incorporate a commercial bin lift enabling businesses to crush glass waste in large quantities.

What Businesses Can Benefit from a Glass Crusher?

Glass crushers are perfect for businesses of all sizes as they come in a variety of different shapes and sizes based on the requirements needed. For instance, a small pub, café or even an event bar may not have a huge amount of space but could greatly benefit from small glass bottle crushing machine. Similarly, a drinks manufacturer, brewery or vineyard could greatly benefit from a installing large commercial glass crusher to process any waste glass in bulk.

Environmentally Friendly 

Glass takes roughly one million years to break down in nature, so can sit in the oceans or landfills for an eternity if not disposed of properly. Commercial glass waste crushing makes it much easier to not only dispose of, but also recycle. By melting the materials and turning the crushed glass back into new glass, it saves huge amounts of energy that would initially be required to produce new glass from scratch. By reducing the amount of space uncrushed glass takes up, it also means companies need fewer visits by their Waste Collection Company, thereby reducing C02 emissions by taking more trucks/vans off the road. 

Quick easy and Saves Space in Bins

Smaller businesses don’t always have the luxury of huge amounts of storage space for their business waste. Especially in the world of hospitality, overflowing bins filled with glass bottles can be a hugely unsightly for customers. Crushing glass helps save space which can keep overhead costs down and keep businesses running more efficiently, helping keep both profits and performances high, which is a benefit for everyone. 

Cost Effective Storage, Collection and Disposal

By crushing your glass waste, it greatly reduces the amount of cost generally associated with business waste removal. The number of waste collections required can be reduced when your glass takes up less space, and the amount of storage bins/skips required on-site can be reduced.  

Glass Recycling at QCR 

Interested in pushing your companies’ green initiatives but not entirely sure where to start? At QCR we offer a completely free, no obligation site survey to see exactly what it is you need. One of our local experts will visit your business and work out exactly what your needs are, what recycling equipment could benefit you and even allow you to trial the equipment before you make your decision (subject to machine availability). From small on-site equipment tucked away under the counter, to large industrial equipment designed to take tons of waste every week, no matter your needs, QCR has what you need. 

Got any questions or would like to book a free site survey? Get in touch with one of our team via phone, email or web form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 


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