Give us a call if your recycling equipment needs some TLC

16th Sep 2015

Our engineers have been keeping our machines running for sixteen years and there isn’t much which flummoxes them.

Our customer on this occasion had purchased an EPS processing machine in 2006. When it broke down they contacted the manufacturer’s UK representative who advised that the machine was broken beyond repair and suggested that they buy a new one. Having then spoken to us, the customer was delighted when our engineer, Richie, on his first visit, had the machine working again in just over 4 hours. Richie arrived on site at 11:00, the machine was in bits and the customer had unblocked it (the machine arrived back from the manufacturer completely blocked up), so he re-built it, set it up and made the necessary adjustments, fitted a few parts and had it running well.

If you have recycling equipment which needs some TLC, do give us a call. It’s very rare that we can’t get the equipment working again and our engineers are there to fix machines, not sell you new ones.

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