Buying a Used Cardboard Baler

21st Jul 2023

Sourcing new equipment from your business can be a daunting prospect, especially in a challenging economy when it’s hard to predict the needs of your business in the next 5-10 years.

With tightening budgets and a need to deliver a quick ROI, many businesses are now considering a reconditioned cardboard baler instead of a new machine to reduce the level of initial investment required. However, in a crowded marketplace, how can you ensure that the machine and supplier you choose will help fulfil your recycling goals? And how do you ensure that it remains in good working condition?

Our helpful and jargon-free guide below will give you some points to consider:

Can I try before I buy?

With QCR the answer is yes! We offer the majority of UK businesses the opportunity to trial a cardboard baler for FREE. This is because we know that buying any new piece of large machinery involves the agreement and consideration of many different stakeholders within your business and it needs to prove it’s worth! Luckily, we’re confident that any initial reluctance will soon disappear once the space, time and money savings are demonstrated.

Is the Baler supplied with a Manual?

All QCR’s used cardboard balers are supplied with an Operator Instruction Manual detailing the operating instructions, maintenance plans, diagrams and troubleshooting guides for your machine. We also understand that sometimes it’s easier to watch a video so each of our machines has a QR code which links you to an easy-to-understand product training video. Prefer to talk to a person? Our office is open from 8:30-5pm 5 days a week and our team of knowledgeable engineers are based across the UK.

Has it been refurbished and serviced to a high standard?

A shiny internet bargain could be hiding a series of issues if it has not been properly maintained. All QCR’s used compactors are refurbished to a high standard by our team of trained engineers using high-quality parts to ensure it performs to Health & Safety standards. Our team of Waste Experts can advise you on how to keep it running efficiently and also offer you a bespoke Service Plan for added peace of mind.

If it was to breakdown, are replacement parts still available?

Unlike vehicles, unfortunately there isn’t an easy way to judge the age of a previously used machine. Some older brands of machine are still on the market but the manufacturer has long gone. Luckily, if you are buying a refurbished baler from QCR, we know the history of all our machines from their detailed service records. Our three depots are well stocked with a variety of spares and manned by teams of our own engineers who are highly experienced in all aspects of the hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical engineering of balers. Sometimes we’re also able to fix your issue over the phone. We’ve been trading for over 20 years and even if a particular QCR machine is no longer produced, we’ll find a solution to get it up and running again.

What type of Baler Tape or Baler Wires does it need?

When installing a new baling machine at your premises, it’s important to ensure you are using the correct wires and tape for it to work efficiently. Failure to do so could result in badly tied bales (which will not be accepted by your Waste Collector), a broken machine or even worse an injury to the Operator. When purchasing a used machine from QCR, we can advise you the correct grade of baling wires/tape to buy. What’s more, you can easily purchase your consumables direct from our website or over the phone from our team of friendly baler advisors.

Is the Reconditioned Baler supplied with a warranty?

All QCR’s refurbished cardboard baling machines are supplied with a 12-month warranty which isn’t always the case with other suppliers. Having a longer warranty than some other suppliers means with a QCR you are cushioned from any costs associated with unexpected breakdowns (arising from issues not associated with fair wear & tear). We’re happy to provide you with details of what’s included so you can make a fair comparison vs. other suppliers.       

Who will collect my baled cardboard?

Our team of Waste Experts can introduce you to our trusted network of local Recyclers to ensure that your cardboard bales are collected regularly and you secure the maximum return for them. This helps our customers get the maximum ROI and fastest possible payback on their initial investment.

How is the baler powered?

Cardboard balers are powered by either hydraulics or pneumatics. Although they are simple to operate, it’s important that you are sourcing the most cost-effective type of machine for your business. Also, you need to consider the running costs of the machine. For example, if you are sourcing a used pneumatic cardboard baler then you will also need to factor in the cost of a compatible compressor (and it’s ongoing maintenance costs) if you do not have your own air supply. Our Waste Experts can support you by helping you to calculate the running costs of each type of machine.

How can I make the process of purchasing as stress-free as possible?

If you do decide to purchase a second-hand baling machine our team of nationwide Waste Experts can talk you through all the considerations making sure you get the right baler for your needs at a competitive cost. Free trials of refurbished machines are also available to all UK mainland businesses.

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