Baling Accessories to Help Manage Commercial Waste

12th Jun 2021

Whatever your business niche and whether you’re a smaller or larger enterprise, you can always find smarter ways to manage your waste. The right tools and processes can ensure you cut your carbon footprint, boost your green credentials, and save money at the same time.

You may have heard about the benefits of investing in a cardboard baler, but if you’re new to the world of waste compaction, you may not realise that there are several essential tools and accessories available which make waste disposal even easier. Here are 7 baler accessories  or best ideas that may help keep your waste organized safely and securely, not to mention help your bottom line.

Bale trollies – Can you easily manage the bales you produce?

You will need a way to transport it to where it will stay until collection by a recycling van. Bale trollies are not essential, but they make movement of the bale far easier, as well as safer. The less manual labour associated with the creation of each bale, the less opportunity there is for your staff to accidentally injure themselves or others. Bale trollies take up very little room and help you effortlessly wheel bales away from the machine. While larger bales are ejected onto wooden pallets which they then lift and move with a forklift, smaller businesses may not have the budget or need, and can make do with a smaller bale trolley. QCR have bale trollies to suit your needs.

Bale aperture is too small for your material?

This is unfortunately pretty common, and maybe one of the reasons why you have just started talking to QCR. Our flexible rental agreements allow for upgrades to larger aperture machines without any contractual or termination payments – It is a fantastic benefit if your business does expand and a breath of fresh air when comparing our contracts to our competition.  At QCR we have even exchanged the equipment for something completely different as their business waste streams changed considerably.  Talk to QCR about this if you are in this position as a new or existing customer.

Bales are difficult to pull out of the baler?

If this is happening to you – it maybe we can help with free site visit and training, a free video training video or an upgrade to a similar machine with an eject mechanism already installed into the baler.  Upgrades may not cost more than your current price – so it’s definitely worth asking QCR the question.

Bale strapping and bale twine

Steer clear of that nasty nylon string that cuts like cheese wire through your paws.  QCR uses a soft banding across the whole range to protect you.  Don’t get bamboozled into the wrong banding width – Ask QCR what banding would suit the bale a cardboard baler compacts and condenses bulky boxes and packaging materials so they can be easily collected and recycled. We can provide help on all balers – not just QCR’s range.  Bale strapping and twine are extra-strong and wider for tying around heavy or large bales, especially if they’re made from weightier materials like fabric or plastic. Through the QCR online shop you also have the option from one box of 4 to minimise your costs or bulk orders to maximise postage savings.  Postage is free on most QCR orders of 6 rolls or more.

Baling wire

Baling wire achieves exactly the same function, but, as you can imagine, it’s a lot stronger and therefore most used with extra-large bales or ‘Mill-size’ Bales as we say in the trade. If you have a business that produces a high volume of waste, having a baler that supports ‘wire tying’ can create or increase a revenue stream for your materials.  It is not always the case – so don’t make snap decisions based on cocky sales people.  Do your homework – check with recyclers or ask QCR what we would offer – even if it is just to benchmark against what you have; we would be happy to help.

Baler oil

Your baler should work well for many years provided it receives routine maintenance. According to the baling experts at QCR, for air balers - “Once a month you should remove the air hose from the cylinder and squirt a few drops of oil into the hose before replacing it.” This will keep your machine in good working order and prevent costly breakdowns or malfunctions. Hinges and handles are always best greased with baler oil every few months – especially if the machine is outside or near the seaside.

Segregating material

It is a myth that it is difficult to keep materials separate for better recycling.  It is extremely rare that you have materials mixed together that won’t allow you to recycle them.  As an example – shrink wrap is around most products delivered to warehouses, this is stripped off and put in a bin.  But if you sling this plastic into a small baler – or a QCR bagstand you have achieved 100% perfect segregation from what you unpack next.  When that bagstand is full – it can be put into a baler and you may be able to create a revenue.  Many QCR customers rotate materials through 1 baler – maximising recycling volumes and eliminating disposal costs.  QCR always recommend a ‘Free Site Survey’ to new and existing customers.

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