A Guide To Mill Size Baler Rental

7th May 2024

Is your business considering a mill size baler?

In this guide, we’re going to explain why hiring a mill size baler could be a better option for your business.

What is mill size baler rental?

Mill Size Balers can cost thousands of pounds to purchase which could rule out this waste management option for many. However, by considering mill size baler hire as an alternative, businesses can take delivery of a mill size machine for a comparatively low monthly cost.

Who should I hire from?

When choosing who to rent equipment from, it’s important you choose a reputable provider with a wide range of machine options available. A rental contract can last for many years therefore reviews such as those on Google, can give you an insight into the company from fellow hirers.

What is included?

It’s always important to check what is included when comparing providers. As a benchmark, all QCR Mill Size Baler agreements include:

  • Baler Delivery (unloading required)
  • Baler Installation
  • Baler Servicing
  • Baler Breakdown Cover (including callouts, parts and labour)
  • Ongoing training with training records
  • Guaranteed fixed pricing throughout rental term

What isn’t included?

Mill size balers use baling wire to secure the loose material into bales. This isn’t supplied when you hire. Baling wire can be purchased from QCR’s online baling wire shop. It’s important you select the right type of wires for your baler and maintain good stocks to prevent interruption.

Why should I consider this as an option?

There’s no hiding from the fact that this size of baler is not cheap to buy. You can purchase a refurbished machine but there’s no denying it’ll still be a sizable investment for any business. Rental is often the preferred solution for businesses who do not want to compromise on the machine they choose if they do not have a large lumpsum immediately available.

Unless you own a crystal ball, it can be difficult to forecast the needs of your business for the next 5 years. This is where rental often trumps buying as some providers such as QCR, will allow you to upgrade or downsize your machine size during your contractual period without penalty.

Renting high value equipment such as machinery can also remove the risk of incurring costly repair bills if the machine develops a fault after the warranty has expired.

How do I hire a mill size baler?

The first step to arranging to hire a mill size baler is to arrange a free site survey with QCR. We can visit your premises to check whether this is the most appropriate machine for your waste and your business. If, for example, a smaller machine would be more suitable, we’ll offer it to you – including the cheaper hire costs associated with it.

Once the machine size has been agreed, we’ll work with you to find the most efficient place for it to be installed, whether inside or outside. Often it is at the source of your waste to reduce material-handling thereby making the process more efficient. Next, we’ll check the ceiling height of your preferred location which is something that is often forgotten about judging by the number unfortunate installs we’ve seen done by others! We’ll also help you to ensure there is sufficient space around the machine so that once the bales are ejected onto a pallet, they can be moved around safely.

What else do I need to consider with this type of baler?

You’ll need to check that you have the right electrical supply in place because mill size balers all require a 3-phase electrical supply to power the hydraulic rams.

You’ll also need to consider anything which could hinder delivery such as doors with low clearance and how the machine will be unloaded from the vehicle.

To get the fastest return on your investment, it’s worth researching other materials than can be baled in it including:

  • Plastic
  • Carpet
  • Textiles
  • Artificial Grass

Despite the opportunities presented by the equipment, you also need to have a plan in place to cover for any eventuality. As a result, always check any high value equipment is covered by your Business Insurance Cover.

Do you offer free equipment trials?

Mill size balers are the largest size of vertical baler available. Due to the dimensions and weight of this type of machine, specialist moving equipment is required. QCR offer free mill size baler trials, but, in light of the additional transportation costs involved, you will need to pay towards this. However, the good news is that if the trial is successful and you choose to hire the machine on trial, the delivery cost will be refunded.

How Much Does Mill Size Baler Hire Cost?

The cost of baler hire depends on the machine hired and the length of the agreement. For the best deal, ask about hiring a refurbished mill size baler on a 5 year+ contract.

Aftersales Support Package

Hiring a mill size baler is just the first step to unlocking the potential value of your waste. Unless you have been baling for years, it’s likely that you will need help and advice to get the most from your new baler and the bales it produces.  This is where choosing an established provider such as QCR will give you an advantage.

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