6 Ways That a Cardboard Baler Can Save Your Business Money This Christmas

13th Dec 2023

Cardboard balers are a type of recycling equipment that quite simply, compacts cardboard (and paper) waste into a bale, making it easy to recycle. These bales are then secured with baler banding or wires depending on the size of the bale. For companies that produce a large quantity of waste of either material, this can be a hugely positive way of dealing with it in a cost effective and earth friendly manner.  

Here are 6 ways that a cardboard baler can save your business money this Christmas.  

Increased Recycling Revenue 

Throwing recyclable waste straight into the recycling bin may be easy, but you could be throwing away potential revenue that could help your business grow. Baled Cardboard in significant quantities and specific quality has a monetary value. While cardboard commodity prices constantly fluctuate (around £75 per tonne as of 2023), in the economic climate of today, every penny counts so by selling your bales you could create a new revenue stream for your business to re-invest in other green initiatives. 

Significantly Lower Waste Disposal Costs 

One of the main benefits of baling cardboard boxes is the volume reduction it creates. Companies that produce large amounts of wastage which is not compacted will need to organise more frequent waste collections than those that do. Cardboard Waste Collections can be reduced following the installation of a cardboard baler, as your waste is condensed into bales, saving money on rubbish disposal and the need for additional interim storage.  

Increased Storage Space 

Although adding industrial machinery to your business premises may seem like it would typically take up more space, even the largest balers are only around 5.6m x 1.3m, allowing businesses to reduce their recycling storage space and focus on what’s important. Turning your left-over card and paper waste into bales frees up huge amounts of storage and waste disposal space, reducing storage costs overall.  

Employee Efficient 

All companies that hire their baler from QCR will receive on-going, in-person employee training, meaning your team will be completely competent on how to use your new machine. All machines also come with free breakdown cover, and regular servicing which means you’re always in safe hands in the case of an unforeseen problem not caused by misuse.  

Complies with Regulations 

2024 sees the launch of new legislation surrounding waste management and recycling for businesses in Wales. The new mandatory recycling rules for cardboard will mean that businesses who do not currently recycle their cardboard will need to quickly relook at their procedures over the Christmas period to ensure they have a plan in place in time for when it goes live in the Spring. 

Environmentally Friendly Practice 

For companies looking to go green and help achieve the 2050 Net Zero Goal, implementing green initiatives can be both costly and time consuming. Thankfully, cardboard balers are a cost effective and straight forward way of dealing with your cardboard and paper waste. Balers can act as a springboard for introducing other sustainable recycling equipment to your workplace such as glass crushers, can crushers and general waste compactors. 

Explore Cardboard Balers with QCR 

With almost 25 years in the waste management industry, QCR offer a huge variety of expertise and recycling equipment to customers and business of all types. From hospitals to office blocks, pubs to hotels and even schools and colleges, we cater to everyone no matter their baler rental or purchasing requirements.  

Every customer is offered a free no-obligation meeting where we discuss your needs and give you a completely free waste audit to find out what’s best for you and your business. We are Alcumus SafeContractor accredited, which means your business and installation are in safe hands. With award winning products and services, and decades of excellent customer feedback, QCR’s mission is to reduce costs for businesses on their recycling costs and help their companies become greener for less.   

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