2023’s Recycling Trends

7th Sep 2023

The Producer Responsibility Obligations (Packaging Waste) Regulations set out by the UK Government has contributed to the growing pressure on businesses to recycle their waste. Business classified as “producers” by the regulations, are being held more accountable for the packaging waste they produce. In fact, some highly sustainable businesses are now going on step further as they strive to become zero-waste.

In this round up of the key trends in recycling for 2023, we’ll look at the importance of recycling your business waste not only to meet this and any future legislation but also as positive step to reduce your cardon footprint of your commercial activities and save money to enable you to re-invest in more sustainable technologies.

Why Is Recycling Sustainable?

Recycling goes beyond the act of sorting waste materials prior to being collected by your chosen waste carrier; it is the act of trading more sustainably to help reduce the impact of your commercial activities on the planet. It also significantly reduces the need for sourcing virgin raw materials, conserving finite natural resources. Moreover, recycling lowers energy consumption, the cost of waste disposal and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, making it a crucial tool in the fight against climate change.

How Much Recycling Is Actually Recycled?

The new waste statics published by the UK government in 2023 help us to gauge the effectiveness of business waste recycling, revealing whether current efforts to divert materials from landfills are achieving the desired results. However, a disparity often exists between good intentions and reality for a lot of UK businesses. Factors like cost, contamination, varying infrastructure and technology, business awareness about recycling equipment, and market demand influence these rates. Inefficient waste management systems can also hinder an organisation’s ability to reach their goals.  Fortunately, QCR can help businesses to install low-cost recycling equipment to improve recycling rates, reduce contamination and improve overall environmental sustainability.

Plastic Recycling at UK businesses

According to the report which was published on the UK Government’s website earlier this year, the proportion of plastic waste recycled by businesses was a lot less than cardboard waste. Plastic waste continues to be a pressing global issue. There is growing pressure on businesses from all angles including reducing single-use plastics to adopting innovative plastic recycling technologies is likely to grow in the future. Luckily for businesses trading in 2023, innovations such as plastic waste balers supplied by QCR are available to hire or purchase and can efficiently help businesses to manage their plastic waste and improving their plastic recycling at source.

Fleet Evolution

Behind every recycling operation is a network of vehicles responsible for collecting and transporting recyclables. In 2023, QCR purchased it’s first electric van to site alongside our current fleet of electric cars. In 2023 we’re likely to see more businesses in the waste industry embracing sustainable practices, including the integration of electric and hybrid vehicles and the optimization of routes to minimize carbon emissions. This shift towards greener transportation underscores the commitment to reducing the environmental footprint.

Sustainable Shopping

In 2023, consumers are increasingly embracing sustainable shopping practices and choosing to buy from environmentally responsible retailers. This entails a shift towards products with minimal packaging and a preference for eco-friendly alternatives such as packaging filler made from shredded used packaging. Sustainable shopping is not just a trend; it's a movement that is reshaping the market, compelling manufacturers and sellers to adopt more environmentally conscious practices. Waste Baler Customers from QCR have also featured the balers they rented in their advertising of their own customers.

WEEE Recycling

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling is a specialized niche within the broader recycling landscape. As technology continues to advance rapidly, the responsible disposal and recycling of electronic waste are more critical than ever. Explore the latest trends and innovations in WEEE recycling, shedding light on how the industry is adapting to the ever-evolving electronic landscape. Electronic Equipment shredders from QCR are being used by businesses to reduce the volume of their WEEE recycling.

Food Waste

Food waste remains a substantial contributor to global waste. In 2023, new strategies and technologies are emerging to combat this issue. From smart refrigerators that minimize food spoilage to innovative composting solutions, efforts to reduce food waste are gaining traction. It's time to address the food waste challenge comprehensively.

How QCR Is Supporting the Recycling Industry

In the midst of these UK recycling trends, QCR continues offer high quality and efficient waste balers, shredders and compactors to help other businesses to recycle and even reuse a high proportion of the packaging waste they produce. We’ve been offering cardboard balers and plastic balers for hire for over 20 years, and with free waste baler trials available (with the unfortunate exception of some postcodes) we endeavour to make it as easy as possible for businesses to start or improve their recycling rates. Through baler hire, a business in the UK can reduce waste volume, benefitting from lower disposal costs and contribute to a greener planet.

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2023’s Recycling Trends