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Steve Hillier with a customerThis is Steve Hillier, otherwise known as Pasty and sometimes known as The Cardboard King of Cornwall!

Steve has worked for QCR for the last eight years and what he doesn’t know about Cornwall and recycling isn’t worth knowing! Steve has built many long term relationships with some of Devon, Cornwall and even The Isles of Scilly's best known names. Steve’s customers include Rick Stein and Mole Valley Farmers as well some less well known but equally fantastic pubs, food producers and hospitals. The list of industries he has worked with is endless.

“I live and breathe QCR and helping my customers reduce their waste and the costs that come with it. I’m passionate about businesses here in Devon and Cornwall and I’m all about keeping it local. I come across so many brilliant companies and each one of them has different recycling requirements. These include reducing costs, increasing recycling or creating more space in their car park through the removal of bins. Whichever the reason, we have a piece of equipment for the job.

I live in Cornwall with my wife, children, dogs and horses".

Steve Hillier – Area Sales Manager – Devon and Cornwall

Steve's Solutions

Steve has helped many businesses within Devon, Cornwall and The Isles of Scilly. Below are just a few examples of where a company in need have had their waste problems solved by our Cardboard King of Cornwall!

Rick Stein Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant

Award-winning chef Rick Stein uses QCR for his Seafood Restaurant in Padstow and his distribution centre. A QCR 205 Baler is located at Padstow and the QCR 305, 306 and mill size balers are based at the distribution centre. The organisation had targeted reducing waste to landfill as one way of minimising their environmental impact. With our help, Rick and the team are doing just that.

Cornish Orchards

Cornish Orchards contacted us to carry out a free site survey. They had a large container which was full of cardboard and plastic. It was very costly to have the container emptied so we installed a QCR 509 Baler and now their bales are collected for free. If you haven’t already, try their cider – it’s brilliant!

Tresco Island Tresco Island

The Tresco Estate wanted to find a better solution for their used polystyrene fish box waste. We installed a QCR EPS 900 polystyrene crusher, which reduces polystyrene 40:1. Free collection and transport was also arranged so the briquettes could return to the mainland for recycling. 

Crantock Bakery

Crantock Bakery based in Newquay make over 30 varieties of the Cornish pasty as well as sausage rolls, scones and sweet pastries. We’ve been working with Crantock for many years now. Previously their waste was sent to landfill however a large QCR 509 baler and two medium QCR 305 balers are now installed on site.

Headlands Hotel Headlands Hotel

Based on the coast of Newquay, The Headland Hotel offers breathtaking views. The hotel has one of our small balers installed for their cardboard, a general waste bin compactor and also a glass imploder. The imploder processes all their glass which turns into a sand like substance.Two local businesses then use this material. The first, a jewellery maker creates fine jewellery from the glass; this is then exhibited and sold in the hotel to guests. The second, a local roofing company, uses the 'sand' produced by the imploder and mixes it with a resin compound; it is then used on Cornish roofs – now that’s local recycling at its best!

Duchy Hospital

Duchy Hospital in Truro is part of the Ramsey Health Care group. They have recently embarked on a new recycling solution which has reduced their waste costs significantly with the help of QCR. The result has been outstanding with 22 DRM bins reduced to just four - creating substantial savings for the hospital.

First and Last Inn First and Last Inn

The First and Last Inn is located just one mile from Land's End.  They have been a customer of ours for the last seven years. The Inn is owned by the National Trust who also own Land’s End. We installed a QCR 102 Baler outside the kitchen to bale all their cardboard. The number of bin lifts have been cut by 50% - generating savings of £1,820 per annum.

Encon Insulation

Encon Insulation based in Plymouth were generating a lot of plastic and cardboard which filled six DMR bins. They now have a QCR 306 Baler installed which bales both their cardboard and plastic. Bin collections have been reduced to just half a bin, once a month.

St Michael's Mount St Michael's Mount

St Michael's Mount is an idyllic island on the coast of Cornwall which is separated from the mainland by a causeway covered by sea at high water. They contacted us for advice on a sustainable and cost effective solution to a significant cardboard and plastic problem. We installed a QCR 205TS Baler for the cardboard and a plastic bag stand. Monthly savings of approximately £150 have been achieved since the baler was set up and their staff are spending less time dealing with waste.


Fendercare Marine is an international company. They supply marine equipment and services to the commercial marine, naval, offshore oil and gas and renewable energy industries. Hazardous waste was becoming an issue for them so we installed a QCR CP30 Can Press. This machine crushes cans and drums; it also filters out any hazardous materials. Waste costs have now been substantially reduced.

Get in touch with Steve and QCR today for a free site survey and trial of our equipment!

Cornish Orchards contacted us to carry out a free site survey. They had a large container which was full of cardboard and plastic. It was very costly to have the container emptied. A QCR 509 Baler has been installed and now their bales are collected for free. If you haven’t already, try their cider – it’s brilliant! - See more at: //www.qcr.co.uk/devon-cornwall-recycling-balers#sthash.O0UycM7Y.dpuf
Cornish Orchards
Cornish Orchards
Cornish Orchards