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QCR tyre recycling baler

QCR tyre recycling baler

Processes over 400 car tyres per hour

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Product Description

The QCR tyre baler is a high output baler capable of producing 4-6 PAS 108 tyre bales per hour, or processing over 500 car tyres per hour. Baling tyres can reduce storage by up to 80% and transport up to 60%.  

Recommended for:

Tyre recyclers, waste management companies, car dismantlers and tyre depots

Unique features:

  • Produces PAS108 standard bales
  • 55 seconds full cycle time
  • Throughput 4-6 bales per hour
  • 4-5 cycles required per bale
  • Over 1,000 tyres per week
  • Up down cycle of less than 60 seconds
  • Bale full light
  • Large oil reservoir for continuous use
  • 11.5kW power house


Options available

  • Purchase or lease
  • Complimentary training
  • Free site surveys
  • Advice on material value and collection - We can advise you on outlets for PAS108 bales

Optional extras:

  • Diesel drive system
  • Hook lift transport frame
  • Special application conversions

Bale weight | pressing force | power

800 - 1200kgs | up to 80 ton | three phase

Feed opening:

H 1325mm x W 1420mm x D 780mm

Bale Size:

H 1400mm x W 1550mm x D 800mm

Baler Dimensions:

H 4900mm x W 1700mm [Incl Power Pack] x D3200mm [Incl Power Pack]

Machine weight:


Tyres per bale:



Case study - PCJ Tyre Recycling

Since the install of the QCR tyre baler, PCJ tyre bale production has increased 120%, exceeding all their expectations.

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Want to see our tyre baler in action? No problem, we'll take you to our nearest customer so you can see the QCR Tyre baler working for them.

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