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Plastic Recycling Baler Machines

Baling plastic packaging waste such as shrink wrap, film, PET bottles and farm plastics is the most effective and low cost method of recycling such waste. QCR supply a full range of baler machines and compactors suitable for businesses producing small volumes of plastic to companies looking to achieve the best possible returns on high amounts of plastic recycling.

Small and medium sized plastic balers

QCR’s small plastic waste balers are perfect for companies such a retail stores who manage their waste at source, small manufacturing units and schools/colleges. Here are just some of our small plastic recycling balers for sale which produce manageable bales and help you reduce your waste costs.

small baler for recycling plastics Medium size baler for plastics waste baler suitable for plastics
QCR 102 baler
Ideal for small companies
QCR 305
Perfect for a steady flow of plastics
QCR 350
For medium sized companies

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Large and mill size plastic balers and compactors

Our large and mill size plastic balers produce dense bales of 300-800kg (depending on the model) to help maximise the revenue you get from your plastic waste.

large waste baler for plastics mill size baler for plastic waste recycling farm plastic recycling baler
QCR 509 -
Makes large dense bales of plastic

QCR V50 -
High performance and great value
mill size baler
QCR Agri baler
Ideal for farm plastic and
growing polytunnels

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