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Processing up to 50kg per hour

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Product Description

The QCR AC50 is capable of compacting 50kg per hour. Value of process blocks are £300-£400 per tonne.

Suitable for

Polystyrene Foam: EPS/XPS/PSP

Recommended for

Fish suppliers, electrical retailers, waste management companies and recyclers.

Unique Features

  • Applicable material: polystyrene foam: EPS, XPS, PSP
  • EPS compression ratio: 50:1
  • Compressed EPS density: 200-400kg/m3
  • Mechanical compression technology, safe, no fumes, lower consumption
  • Uses high quality branded components like Siemens and Phoenix
  • Siemens control system makes operation easy and simple
  • Possible rebates
  • Free trial
  • Free installation and training

Options Available

  • Rental
  • Outright purchase
  • Lease
  • Free training
  • Free site surveys
  • Shared revenue / reduced rental schemes available
  • Free advice on material value & collection
  • Complete recycling and waste solutions offered
  • Silos/pre-crushers available to increase throughput and minimise labour

Block Weight


Block Size

250mm x 250mm

Machine dimensions

H 1800mm, W 3080mm, D 600mm

Machine Weight


Alternatives available for materials such as PET, yoghurt pots, cans, Tetra-Pak


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