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QCR 101 30 litre can compactor

QCR 101 30 litre can compactor

Solution for compacting tins, cans, drums, and buckets.

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Product Description

The QCR 101 Can Crusher reduces can volumes by up to 90% and is also used to crush hazardous waste drums such as oil or paint. (product code: mil-tek 101)

Suitable for crushing

Tins, cans, drums, and buckets up to 30 litres

Recommended for

Compacting tins, cans, drums, and buckets, reducing volume by 90%. With no electric parts, the Can Crusher is easy to clean and maintain and its small footprint means the Can Crusher can be installed in any location.

Unique features

  • Hazardous and Non-Hazardous
  • Up to 90% Compaction
  • Small Footprint
  • Use Inside or Outside
  • Pneumatic


Cans/drums of up to 30 litres

Feed Opening

H 480mm, W 360mm, D 350mm

Pressing cycle

10 - 20 sec.

Pressing force

2250 kg at 8 bar

Dimensions (incl. legs)

H 1990mm, W 470mm, D 440mm,

Machine Weight

94 kg

Formally Mil-tek Direct

Previously QCR was one the most successful Mil-tek franchises, Mil-tek Direct – Read More

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