Swifts at Quercus House - Live web cams

Quercus house is QCR’s headquarters as well the summer home to as several families of swifts! These birds migrate here for the breeding season after spending the winter in Africa. Swifts pair for life, meeting up each spring at the same nest site like those we have at Quercus House.

Swifts normally lay two or three eggs at two or three day intervals. Incubation starts with the first egg, and lasts for 19–20 days per egg. The adults share all the nesting duties equally. Swifts feed almost exclusively on flying insects and airborne spiders of small to moderate size.

Our (well actually their) swift nests are located high up under our roof canopy where the birds are able to drop into the air from the nest entrance. The nest is built by both adults out of any material that can be gathered on the wing, including feathers, paper, straw, hay and seeds. It is cemented together with saliva, and renovated and reused year after year.

We usually see them retuning late April/May time and stay only long enough to breed. Autumn migration begins in late July or early August.

We hope you enjoy our live stream swift cams and hopefully get to see this year’s QCR fledglings fly the nest.