QCR is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and our costs!

mypower-solar-benefitsIn March 2014 we installed 50kWp of solar PV panels on the roof of our building, Quercus House. In this time the solar panels have produced 172,970 kWh of electricity and have created QCR a saving of £37,500! A staggering amount in just 5.5 years!

The 200 panels generate enough electricity to cover our energy requirements each year and since we’ve installed LED lighting throughout the building we’ve reduced our energy consumption further. We sell any surplus energy back to the grid which means we also generate an income which contributes to the savings we’ve achieved.

We’ve also installed charging points for our electric cars which are driven on clean, green energy created for free by the sun.

Our cumulative energy savings are the equivalent of taking 55 cars off the road for a year or powering 36 houses.

Because of these savings we’ve been able to keep our prices the same for our customers whilst still ensuring high quality engineering and service.

The work was carried out by Mypower, who we share the building with. They actually predicted we would generate 47,000kwh of energy but in fact we’ve produced an average 49,420 kWh each year. This is all part of their ethos, under promising and over delivering. We really recommend them highly if you too would like to reduce your energy costs and protect your business from electricity price increases. Take a look at their website for more information; www.mypoweruk.com.

QCR is committed to reducing our carbon footprint and our costs!