Recycling Equipment Wales

New regulations introduced by the Welsh Government will mean that from 6th April 2024 it will become law for all Welsh businesses, charities and public sector organisations to separate recyclable material from their general waste. This new legislation is likely to dramatically improve the quantity and quality of recycling from workplaces in Wales as it applies to cardboard waste, glass waste, cartons (plastic and metal), unsold textiles and unsold small waste electrical and electronic equipment (sWEEE). 

For many businesses and organisations adapting to these new regulations could be a daunting prospect, but it needn't be so thanks to the wide range of affordable recycling equipment we offer across Wales for business waste handling. QCR are a leading supplier of waste balers and compactors in Wales and England. Our wide range of equipment can be hired or purchased.

QCR are here to help all businesses and organisations in Wales comply with these new waste laws by offering a free, no obligation waste audit by a local specialist. In this audit we can recommend solutions to help reduce your waste costs and avoid landfil taxes and fines. Free Recycling Equipment trials are also available to enable your organisation to check our recommended solutions will deliver, subject to availability.

Cardboard Baler Hire Cardiff

QCR's Head Office is located near the start of the M50 motorway which has enabled our team to develop a strong rapport with Welsh businesses and a good understanding of the challenges associated with waste management in Wales. As a result, we can provide a bespoke range of solutions for cardboard waste disposal in Wales tailored to your specific location and requirements. Hire of a Cardboard baler in Wales can cost as little as £14.91 (ex VAT) per week from QCR and is often a cheaper method of cardboard disposal than traditional recycling bins. However, if this method of cardboard baling is not feasible due to your location or the quantity that you produce, a bin compactor can be a great alternative way to fit more cardboard into your existing cardboard bins.

QCR are helping businesses comply with the new business waste rules by offering Free Cardboard Baler Trials in Wales following the completion of a free no-obligation waste audit. Whether you're a business looking into Cardboard Compactors Cardiff or Box Balers Bridgend, we can help you find a more efficient solution for your waste.

We've helped businesses in Wales by supplying Waste Baling Machines in Carmarthenshire, Flintshire and Monmouthshire to name just a few.

Commercial Bin Compactor Hire Cardiff

Despite being blessed with fantastic scenery, some businesses in Wales are faced with the operational challenge of infrequent waste collections which can lead to overflowing bins and sometimes excessive waste costs. Previously the answer was to clutter your site with more bins (much to the delight of your waste collection firm), but now many businesses in Wales are hiring a QCR Commercial Bin Compactor to compact their waste into their existing bins. For a low weekly cost, a bin compactor can compact down most types of recyclable and non-recyclable waste inside your current bins, effectively removing the wasted space around your rubbish enabling you to fit more in. These hydraulic waste compactors are available for any business in Wales to hire or purchase from QCR. We've supplied Waste Compactors to Pembrokeshire, Ceredigion and Carmarthenshire to name just a few.


Glass Crusher Hire Cardiff

The new glass recycling laws will apply to all pubs, restaurants and bars in Wales from 6th April 2024 therefore it is important that all hospitality venues in Wales have a solution in place asap as compliance may involve sourcing new recycling equipment and/or staff re-training. Simply adding new glass waste bins to your site is not always the answer as it is important that additional bins do not block emergency exits which is not always possible in a historic property. By seeking glass recycling advice from QCR, you can be sure that you are getting a tried and tested glass recycling solution suitable for your premises from an industry professional.

The hospitality industry is an important part of the Welsh economy and is a sector QCR has supported for over 25 years by supplying high quality glass recycling equipment to help venues save money and space. With increasing numbers of visitors coming to Wales, Welsh hospitality businesses can dramatically reduce the growing costs of glass disposal by utilising a commercial glass crusher machine for their empty bottles. Low cost glass crusher hire is a safe and affordable way to dispose of your glass waste. 

QCR are helping all businesses in Wales comply with the new glass recycling rules by offering Free Glass Crusher Trials to all businesses in Wales following the completion of a free no-obligation waste audit, get in contact with our knowledgable team for more information.

Cardboard Shredder Hire Cardiff

A cardboard shredder works by perforating waste cardboard pieces into smaller sections that can be used cushioning material or void fillers in the process of packing items ahead of storage or delivery. By using a commercial cardboard shredder, forward-thinking businesses in Cardiff can take a innovative step towards achieving the zero waste target set by the Welsh Government. Cardboard Shredders within workplaces can help to deliver a greener, more efficient and more cost-effective source of packaging material when compared to plastic alternatives sourced elsewhere. By repurposing cardboard waste as packaging material, it is diverted away from recycling bins leading to fewer collection vehicles on the road and fewer bins required at your site. This not only saves money for the organisaton, but also minimizes their carbon footprint.

Can Crusher Hire Cardiff

From April 2024, businesses in Wales were legally required to sort their waste for recycling. This new workplace waste law has posed a number of challenges for businesses with limited bin space who are predominantly small and medium sized enterprises or those operating in urban locations. However, the good news for businesses is that waste storage challenges can be easily resolved through waste compaction. For example, by installing a waste crusher for empty metal cans and tins, businesses can safely handle a larger amount of commercial waste at their premises without the need to organise more frequent collections. The waste compaction principle remains the same regardless of whether the container to be crushed is a paint can, oil can or small drum. In fact, there is also a solution for compacting aluminium drinks cans in bulk popular with sites with a large number of employees.


Why hire Recycling Equipment from QCR?

When investigating separate collection of waste materials for recycling, it's understandable for any Welsh business owner to feel a little overwhelmed at the options available! Luckily, QCR are happy to support you through this process by offering a free, no obligation waste audit from one of our  friendly team. If you do decide to hire equipment from us you'll have the added reassurance of:

  • All recycling equipment hire agreements to businesses located in Wales include delivery, installation, servicing, breakdown cover and on-going staff training
  • All our team are Safe Contractor accredited demonstrating compliance to current UK health & safety legislation
  • If your waste volumes increase during your rental agreement, we'll let you upgrade your equipment with no penalties or extension to contractual length
  • We offer free delivery on all orders of baler banding or baler tapes to any Welsh address

If you prefer to buy rather than hire, all our equipment is supplied with a minimum 12 month warranty (parts and labour) whether you choose to buy a new or refurbished machine.