Recycling Equipment Scotland

The Waste (Scotland) Regulations which came into force on 1st January 2014 have meant that all businesses in Scotland have a legal responsibility to recycle their cardboard, plastic, metal, paper, and glass waste.  Put simply, this means that all business must now segregate their recyclable materials from their non-recyclable material to avoid fines.

To comply with this legislation, many Scottish businesses have had to review their waste management procedures. However, the quick fix solution of adding additional bins to your site is not always feasible due to space constraints and the sharing of waste services with another business can often lead to complication. Here we will discuss other methods Scottish businesses could employ to comply with the current workplace recycling rules.

Cardboard Baler Hire Scotland

Cardboard waste is a bulky yet valuable material that can quickly fill up your commercial recycling bins, especially if it has not been first compacted. Cardboard recycling in Scotland can be made easier and sometimes more lucrative for many businesses with the addition of a Cardboard Baler either inside or outside your premises. These cardboard compacting machines mechanically compress your cardboard boxes into neat bales which can be collected by a waste collector/contractor.  Cardboard Baler Rental Scotland is a popular service provided by QCR Recycling Equipment. As with any service, some geographical restrictions apply however, a free no-obligation call from one of our Scottish-based team can help you to understand whether baling is the right solution for your cardboard waste.

Wheelie Bin Compactor Hire Scotland

For those Scottish businesses where baling is not feasible, there is another less well-known solution. Businesses in Scotland can hire a Waste Compactor to compact most types of rubbish produced by your business. QCR Wheelie Bin Compactor hire Scotland is popular service offered by QCR, we have various sizes of compacting machines available to suit your waste volumes and space. This waste compactor hire service does not require you to switch your waste contractor as it can be tailored to your current bins. As bins come in all shapes and sizes, why not arrange a free, no-obligation, non-judgemental waste audit from our friendly Scotland-based Waste Experts? In most cases this can be in person but for more rural locations it can be conducted virtually.


Glass Crusher Hire Scotland

Scotland’s tourism and hospitality sectors are important parts of the Scottish economy. Many Scottish businesses are exploring opportunities to become more sustainable and responsible. One easy way is to consider using a glass crusher to crush your glass waste. This type of glass crushing machinery can help breweries, distilleries and all types of hospitality venues to reduce the volume of their glass waste, thereby reducing the number of glass recycling bins that need to be emptied by your waste contractor and saving your business money. In some cases, the glass can be crushed into a sand-like material which can be repurposed. Crushed glass waste is more sustainable because crushed bottles take up less space in the glass waste collection vehicle and therefore equal fewer vehicles on the road.


If you prefer to buy your equipment rather than hire, all our recycling equipment is supplied with a minimum 12 month warranty (parts and labour) whether you choose to buy a new or used machine which has been refurbished by our Safe Contractor accredited team of engineers.

Customer Reviews

One of our customers in Scotland recently posted a lovely review on our Google Business Listing, to read the full review please click here: "QCR provided us with a flexible solution which allowed us to reduce the number of bins we had, and now we can earn rebates on our waste! It’s working really well for us" - LynnThomson, Margiotta Food and Wine, Scotland posted in 2023.