Devon Reycling Equipment

In addition to some beautiful coastal resorts, Devon is also home to one of QCR's Regional Distribution Centres for used and new cardboard balers and compactors enabling us provide Waste Compactor Hire Services in Devon, Cornwall and the South West region. Also based at this site are a team of Waste Experts and Engineers who have lots of experience of South West waste management and therefore can propose workable solutions for your waste streams. Because they spend lots of time conducting free waste audits for businesses in Cornwall and Devon, this site isn't open to the public. However, if you would like to see our range of award winning cardboard balers in action, get in touch to arrange our free baler trials available in Devon, Cornwall and the South West.

QCR has a proven track record of providing recycling solutions for over 20 years delivering waste compaction solutions in Plymouth, Exeter, Torquay and throughout the county of Devon. Our dedicated distribution depot houses a good stock of new and used baling equipment for delivery to Devon and the surrounding areas. 

Devon Waste Management

Many businesses in Plymouth, Exeter and Torquay rent cardboard balers to reduce their waste costs. With rising trade waste disposal fees year-on-year and additional new legislation on the horizon, now is the time to consider balers as a cheaper, easier and cleaner way to dispose of cardboard waste instead of using traditional bins and skips. QCR specialize in supplying and installing commercial and industrial recycling equipment such as cardboard balers, glass crushers and bin compactors to save businesses in Devon money, time and space on their waste costs.

Cardboard Balers in Cornwall

We have proudly demonstrated our range of balers at the Royal Cornwall Show for many years where we share our south west waste management knowledge with West Country businesses. The financial, time, space and environmental benefits of cardboard baling hire services in Cornwall are often significant to local businesses. This is because our experience in the area highlights that many businesses in the Cornwall region are challenged by infrequent bin collections which can mean that they face storage problems as businesses are legally responsible for storing waste safely and securely prior to collection. By removing cardboard (and plastics as one machine can often bale both types of material) from their bins hotels, food and drinks manufacturers, retailers and many more different businesses can free up space. This space can often be more valuable to businesses as additional customer parking, an outside dining area or simply for storage during peak months. We also offer Baler Hire in Devon.

You can read about our partnership with a Cornwall based business here.

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Wheelie Bin Compactors Devon

Due to the unpredictability of the weather and the seasonal nature of tourism in the South West region it can be difficult for businesses to decide how many bins they need and the frequency that they are emptied by their Waste Collection Contractor. We've supplied bin compactor hire for holiday parks, hotels, restaurants and retailers in Devon and Cornwall. Our Devon Wheelie Bin Compactor Rental Service is offered by QCR to businesses of all sizes (and can be adapted to suit a variety of bin sizes too!) however, the greatest benefit will be for sites with 3+ wheelie bins on site or 3 waste collections per week. The majority of our vertical waste compacting machines are free standing however, for agricultural businesses and holiday parks who have tractors, we can also offer tractor mounted bin compactors for rental giving you the freedom to compact bins dotted around your site.



Recycling Equipment Hire Cornwall

QCR are a leading supplier of recycling equipment in Cornwall which can help all kinds of businesses in the region become more sustainable. Responsible tourism is growing in importance due to the increasing numbers of tourists that visit the Cornish region each year. Hotels, restaurants and other businesses in Cornwall can become more sustainable with only slight amendments to their current waste handling practices. QCR strongly believe the most eco friendly way to handle your waste is to compact it at your premises prior to collection. By crushing your glass waste for example, the volume of glass inside your bins is reduced by up to 90%, this means fewer costly bin collections for your business and fewer lorries cluttering up the roads.



Why choose QCR Recycling Equipment?

You can be confident that you are working with an environmentally focussed supplier of recycling equipment when you choose QCR. Not only is our head office covered in solar panels and equiped with eco friendly lighting and toilets, the majority of our waste experts drive electric vehicles. When hiring equipment from us you'll also get the reassurance of:

  • Knowing our equipment hire agreements include free delivery, free installation, free ongoing staff training, free regular servicing and breakdown cover
  • Working with a supplier who is Safe Contractor accredited
  • Reading our customer reviews on our Google Business profile