Derby Recycling Equipment


Whilst QCR's homelands are in the South West, once we became known as a leading supplier of recycling equipment in the UK we were repeatedly asked by companies as far afield as Scotland for cardboard baler rental, which lead to us to the opening a new regional distribution centre in Chesterfield. Stocking new and used recycling machinery, Derbyshire is the perfect location for our a team of installation engineers to install baling and compacting equipment in north east and north west of the UK. Regretably, because our team of engineers also need to be available to provide emergency breakdown support it is not open to the public however, if you'd like to see a machine from our range why not contact us to see if we can arrange a free trial at your premises.


Derby Baler Hire

In addition to our distribution and baler refurbishment centre in Chesterfield, Derbyshire is also home to a number of market leading manufacturing businesses within the rail, aerospace and automotive industries. Businesses such as these are continually looking for ways in which to make their operations more efficient, more sustainable and even generate an additional revenue. Some projects such as the installtion of solar pv panels require high levels of initial investment which if cash flow if limited or the cost of borrowing is high, can be prohibitive. Luckily, there are many other low cost ways for a manufacturing business can achieve their goals:

  • East Midlands Cardboard Shredder Hire - Heavy duty Cardboard Shredding Machine Hire Service enable businesses to turn their waste cardboard into packaging. Not just for ecommerce businesses, shredders can also be used by manufacturing businesses to produce their own sustainable packaging to prepare parts and consumables to their other sites.
  • East Midlands Waste Baler Hire - Whether your components are delivered in plastic trays or cardboard boxes, if your business isn't currently baling the material there are many eco-benefits (and also financial benefits) to be gained. Cardboard baler hire is suprisingly affordable with prices starting from as little as £14.88 (ex VAT) per week for a fully maintained cardboard baling machine.
  • East Midlands Waste Compactor Hire - Bins come in all shapes and sizes, the most common being 1100l. However, they all share the same problem, if not compacted, they fill up quickly with bulky waste. The answer is to compact your waste using the appropriately sized bin or waste compactor to remove air and allow you to fit more inside.
  • East Midlands Drum Crusher Hire - Many fabrication and manufacturing businesses use alot of paints, oils and other liquids that are supplied in drums, cans or tins. Although tossing empty containers into skips is quick, it's not the most efficient way to dispose of them as the skip soon fills up with containers that are now full of air! Companies who strive to be more sustainable whilst also saving money, crush empty tins, drums, and cans to reduce their volume before disposing of them. Shop can crushers today!

Derby Waste Management

Our Derby recycling equipment base enables us to offer baler hire services in Derby and the wider region covered by this particular distribution centre. Our Cardboard baling equipment hire Midlands service often delivers significant reductions in cardboard waste disposal costs and carbon footprint especially if those businesses were previously using bins and skips. 

Whilst baling equipment can be be a relatively high-priced investment for any organisation, the used cardboard balers for sale in UK offered by QCR allow midlands businesses can purchase high quality cardboard baling equipment at a competitive price. These machines are thoroughly checked and serviced by our team of trained technicians. And, due to the fact that a refurbished baler is cheaper than a brand new machine, it has a quicker ROI (return on investment).