Recycling Equipment for Hospitality & Leisure Businesses

We have supplied waste balers, waste compactors and glass crushers to hundreds of restaurants, pubs, hotels and other catering busineses in the UK. Businesses in the hospitality sector can benefit from hiring or purchasing a cardboard baler, plastic baler and/or a glass crusher to help reduce the volume of their cardboard packaging, plastic packaging and glass bottle waste. A general waste compactor can also reduce the space needed to store their non-recyclable waste prior to collection.

Many of our customers within the hospitality industry are based in premises where there isn't much space for a large number of bins such as city centres, high streets or areas with infrequent collections. Luckily, our smallest cardboard baler can be situated in the tightest of spots (eg cellars, under the stairs etc) and has a footprint the same size as a single bin but can handle waste which would have otherwise have filled lots bins.

Our smallest glass crusher fits nicely under a bar counter and can hold up to 90 crushed glass bottles in it's tray before it needs to be emptied. Not only does this reduce the volume of your glass waste but also means that your team can focus on customers (rather than transporting bottles to your storage area). 

Our short term baler and glass crusher rental options are favoured by many seasonal hospitality & leisure businesses. The flexible rental contract options offered by QCR enable hotels, restaurants and pubs the reassurance that if they find they find their waste volumes have grown, they can upgrade to a Recycling Machine with a larger capacity. The free ongoing training offered within our rental contracts also mean that we can help train any additional staff you add to your team.

Famous chef uses QCR Recycling Equipment for his expanding business

Among our customers is a famous chef who opened his first restaurant in Cornwall in the 1970s and since then has expanded his business throughout the county. He has built a business of individual restaurants and shops all with a celebrated reputation. Passionate about preserving the future and conscious of their impact on the environment they chose QCR to supply them with Recycling Equipment.

QCR initially conducted a survey of their various sites to establish what types of Recycling Equipment would create financial savings and efficiency benefits at each site. 13 balers were recommended each one varying in size from a small QCR 102 baler to a vertical mill size baler. Each machine was recommended for a particular site based on the requirements of the kitchen and location.

Their waste baling process is now very easy for the restaurant and retail teams. Cardboard boxes don’t need to be torn, folded or flattened, saving a huge amount of time and effort. Outside areas are kept clean and tidy because cardboard is placed straight into the baler. Cardboard and plastic is crushed in the balers into neat bales. This process has reduced the amount of waste being sent to landfill to the very minimum. Bales of cardboard and plastic are now transferred to the central depot ready for collection and onward recycling.

Their Head of Operations said, “We have created a strong environmental policy because we don’t want to have any negative impact on the environment here in Cornwall or the UK wide. Cornwall is a beautiful place and we want to keep it that way for generations of the future. QCR provide us with a simple solution which works.”

If you work in a pub, restaurant, cafe but please do get in touch if you want us to help you review your current waste management plan. If you are a single site, our Waste Audits can take as little as 15 minutes but the savings identified can be substantial.

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